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If anyone has a used up Revo sx they're not using, I need one to use for parts. Would like to get one free but will pay for shipping.


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I mean, it doesn't HAVE TO BE free but cheap would be good.

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An OLD one that someone hates or is tired of and ready to throw away. $30 max.

(Don't expect anything good, just parts.)

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OK how about this, I have a bunch (about 20) old crankbaits I haven't used in a while. I'll throw them in for whoever has a Revo SX they no longer use and $30.

I guess I could share the "story of the reel" to let everyone know why I need the reel.

I bought this Revo SX on line for $160 about 4 or 5 years ago. I fished with it for a while and it worked perfectly. After going to a lake where I had to drive on a dusty road for a while, and getting home with all my stuff covered in dust, I decided I wanted to get my reel serviced. I looked around and asked a few guys about local reel guys. They recommended one in Wichita (who has since gone on to his "final reward".) Anyway, he seemed to know what he was talking about and had been to Shimano and Daiwa reel servicing schools (or whatever). I picked up the reel a week or so later and it worked OK again. I noticed however, that the cast control knob was tight. I asked him about it on the phone and he said that it sometimes get that way or something and to put some oil on it. I never heard of that before but thought "He's the pro, what do I know?" After trying this and it still felt really tight, I communicated with a guy on the east coast who said he could give it a go and I sent it to him. It comes back the same way. Send it to another guy on the east coast and he says the threads where the cast control knob screws onto the  side plate are stripped and it would require a new side plate. I said to do whatever it takes. Still the same. So now I have this $160 reel that has cost me over $150 in repairs and it still doesn't work right.

This would be OK but it was fine when all this started: Just needed a good cleaning.

Having read this it sounds like I'm a big dummy for not just cleaning it myself in the first place but it was the best reel I ever bought and didn't want to muck it up.  WHO KNEW????


Anyway, guys-that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Anyone willing to help out would be appreciated.


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