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Anglr Report: Senecaville Lake, OH 16 JUN 2017

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I'm really getting tired of this.  Do you know how frustrating it is to fail every time you set out to do something?  I've gone fishing almost every weekend, sometimes twice a weekend, and the last fish I caught was 3 December.  I've caught 0 pre-spawn, 0 during the spawn, 0 so far post-spawn.  We even bought an inflatable pontoon so we could get out on the water - I think my brother has managed one catch since we bought it back in like... March or late February.  If it weren't for the amount of money we've invested in rods, reels and the ungodly amount of tackle I think I'd have given up by now and stuffed everything in a corner and forgotten about it.  At this point, why even bother saving up for a roof rack and kayak if I'm still not going to catch a damned thing?...  Just another gigantic waste of money.




Brother and I decided to try and hit up a new lake today - Senecaville Lake near Senecaville, OH.




According to the ODNR, "Seneca Lake dam was built across the valley of Seneca Fork of Wills Creek by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1938 for flood control and recreation. It was opened to fishing in 1940, but due to highway relocation the lake did not reach conservation pool until March 1942. 

The lake is in the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District's chain of lakes and all boating, swimming, camping, and picnicking is under MWCD control. The Division of Wildlife annually leases public fishing and hunting rights on MWCD lakes and lands. 

Seneca Lake, the largest of the MWCD lakes, has 3,509 surface acres of water and 45 miles of shoreline."


Being entirely human-powered, we went to the ramp near the dam and decided to do our fishing there.


When we first arrived, we heard thunder and the like off in the distance.  Prior to coming up the forecast didn't show any rain in the near area or future.


So I pulled up my weather app and this is what I saw.




Well ****.  So, after about 30min we decided to pack it up and go get something to eat while the storm passed through.  As we were leaving, we saw the rain shadow on the other side of the lake approaching, so we left just in time.


We went to Buffalo Wild Wings - don't get to go there very often and with one less than 20min away and having just been paid, how could I say no?  Bro got a buffalo ranch wrap and I got a boneless large made of one of the new limited edition flavors, garlic Parmesan and, my favorite, Caribbean jerk.  I always have to power through the jerk ones because my tongue is a wimp and my eyes start crying after a while.  


Unfortunately, my Anglr data is messed up for this trip.  Apparently ending the trip on the app doesn't turn off the tracker device - so even though the trip was over, it still logged our trip from the lake to dinner and back - a trip of over 25miles.  I think this pretty much drained the battery from the tracker device because when we did our evening trip, it stopped sending to my phone after 35 casts and I was out for almost 2 hours.  I know it was fully charged prior to the trip because I plugged it in at home and brought the charger cradle with us to plug into my USB cigarette charger.


We came back to the lake and all the bad weather had already gone through.




We went to WalMart prior to coming up and we got some new baits - some brown and purple fleck Berkley Power Bait worms with tail, a Storm jig head top hook paddle tail swimbait in green, couple bags of YUM dingers, replacement chatterbait for one I lost and a black/blue BOO-YAH 5/16oz weedless jig.


Started out near the corner with the Storm paddle tail.  No luck with that one after about 25 casts - couple ******* fish nibbled at the tail but no bites.  So I put on one of the Berkley Power Baits and texas rigged it on a 3/0 Gamakatsu EWG hook.


Threw this one for quite a while and, again, got a couple nibbles on the tail from ******* fish but not a single bite.


So I put on the last remaining Red Eye Shad we have and just started cranking all over.




Nothing but vegetation on that one.


So I moved down the shore even farther and kept cranking.








By now, I'm absolutely drenched in sweat, I've not caught a d**n thing and neither has my brother.  So we decided to call it a day and cut our losses and head home.








As mentioned above, had some technical difficulties with the Anglr today, so the data is almost useless.  But I'm posting it just for completeness.


Here's hoping you all have better luck than us.

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Is there even any bass in the lakes you fish in?  Cause I'm not sure I could fish that much without catching a bass if I wanted to.  Glad to see you have more patience than I, I would probably have given up by now.  Hope you start catching fish again.


BTW, here's a fail proof plan nearly garrunteed to get you on at least a few bass.  First, find a causeway that crosses the lake.  Longer the better, there is literally always some fish on causeways.  Then start out fishing with topwater, then switch to shallow cranks, then deeper cranks, and eventually switch to a jig, ned rig, senko or some soft plastic and work the while thing back over slower.  At some point in that process you will more than likely catch some bass.

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