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Night Bass Fishing

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Hello bass world,


I just installed some new black lights on my boat and wanting to dive into the world of night fishing.  I have only been bass fishing for a year but have already accumulated more tackle than I could ever use.  I am about to make a run to my local tackle shop.  I was wondering what baits and colors are a must have for fishing at night?  Also would like any other advice that you all would like to give me about fishing at night because this is all new to me. Thanks!!

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Perhaps this can help get you started in the right direction ~

Good Luck




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I use basically four lures at night . 


1 Buzzbait . I like my home made ones and Lunker Lures but any will work  . I like unpainted blades and black skirts . I crimp the rivets to make them squeal . I usually use a trailer hook .


2 Spinnerbait . I love the Strike King Midnight special in black . They have rattles and the fish really home in on them . I usually add a trailer hook .


3 Plastic worm . 9 inch jelly Worms in any color are my  favorite . Black grape is one I use in any condition . Caught a lot of fish on blue and red too . I dont think color matters all that much .


4 Crankbaits . A lot of people dont like trebels at night but i'm to stupid to know better . Rapala Crankin  Raps and Wiggle Warts   work good at night but I   think almost any bait will work as long as it is going the proper depth .



Good places to go are shallow flats and riprap dams/banks because they are easy to cast at when you cant see . LOL . Plus the fish are often active on them .

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I've recently dove into the realm of nightfishing myself. I recommend a 3/4 ounce black spinnerbait with a big Colorado blade, a black buzz bait and above all plum apple ol monsters t-rigged. I haven't been doing it long but have got a check my last 3 times out. Those are good trial and error lures to start with. Look for brush piles around docks and such. Good luck and be safe.

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