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Anglr Report: Tycoon Lake, 15 July 2017

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I decided to head over to Tycoon lake yesterday as there were a few places I'd never fished that I wanted to try out to see if I'd have any better luck.




I started off over by the dam in this nice little corner.










To my eyes, this spot had it all - reeds to the right, deep water out front, lilypads to the left...  To my novice eyes, this looked like prime bass territory.  Plenty of cover, was still in shade at that time in the morning (around 8:30am, got a later start than I wanted).


I also stopped off at WalMart and picked up a couple lures prior to heading out - I grabbed a Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg Jr. and a Rapala Scatter Rap.  Gotta say, that KVD Sexy Dawg Jr. walks like a champ once you get the hang of it.  Very impressed with it's action.  Scatter rap was pretty standard - good surface popping action.


After about an hour and a half of no bites, I decided to head out to the pier area and fish around it.  Spent about an hour there and didn't get any bites or nibbles either.  About then I decided to head home.

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