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Calling all Crestliner Storm owners

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I considering pulling the trigger on a crestliner storm 1600 w/ a 20hp for the lakes around my house with 20hp limits, where I fish 90% of the time. 


Im choosing the Crestliner over the Tracker mainly because it has a rod locker for up to 8' Rods, which is something the Tracker doesn't have. 


Im just looking for some reviews from Storm owners. If there are any intricacies I'd like to know, please share them. thanks!

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Can't speak to the Storm specifically, but I am on my 2nd Crestliner, no issues.


First one was a 1996, 2nd one is a 2005.


I have several friends who run them, no issues there either.


Good, solid boats.


I've had a Tracker as well, and while I won't join the crowd that has nothing good to say about them - I liked mine quite a bit, I wish I'd have kept it for a river runner - I think you will find the overall quality higher on the Crestliner.

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most boats built today are fine, but mistakes happen. take my new Crestliner PT18. great looking boat with 3 huge rod lockers and more storage than I need. the problem is the boat has really bad porpoising problems. not just my boat but all the PT 18's. luckily, crestliner has great cs. they are letting me use my boat till the end of the season and then building me a new 2018 boat. getting a boat that fills your needs is very important. but customer service is just as important. I hear stories about some other boat brands that have problems and the owners have nothing but trouble having their problems dealt with. don't know much about the storm but you won't go wrong with Crestliner.

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I have a Crestliner and absolutely love it. 


I have been known to be a little rough on things and this boat has held up to all I've put it through

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