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Initial Hammer Rod Review

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1 hour ago, evo2s197 said:

Just got my Avid X Rods, I'll do a final review comparing the two brands, I'll just stick to how they fish, no comparison when it comes to the build quality.


Holy cow! That's beautiful. 

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Wow, nothing like throwing Hammer under the bus!

You need to let a custom rod builder know what reel you plan to use so they can balance the rod properly.

Feels light to me, ...weigh the rod, only way to compare is actual weight.

Labels are too expensive to put on the rods....now that is a new excuse. The rod maybe assembled in America, not sure if Avid X blanks are still domestic?




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The avid x rods are lighter when weighed on a scale, if you compare similarly spec'd models, just by a tad though.


St Croix produces the Avid X series in the USA, with a nice made in USA label on them, excellent build quality also.


The my reels balance perfectly with the Avid X rods, as do some of my retired rods, (shimano compre Year 2000, 2001 model GL3, and a team daiwa rod from 2001) non of those rods are custom built.


Like I've said, the Hammer Rods blanks seem decent, the build quality of them is severely lacking. 


I spent a good amount of money on 7 of them and was hoping for a set of nice rods, but I received one decently built rod, and the rest were all messed up in various ways, even being labeled the wrong power.


I would compare them to a very bad replica of a Falcon Bucoo.   

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I'm fairly confident that Hammer doesn't manufacture their own blanks and that's where I start with any custom build.  If I know who makes the blank then I will know how it presents itself compared to other builders who use the same blanks.  That being said, build quality is always a concern but there should never be any question as to what type and length of handle, exposed or solid reel seat, type/manufacturer/placement of guides, cork or EVA or Winn Grips, butt style, etc.  After all, a custom rod is just that.  Made to your specifications.  Now an off the shelf rod I understand, you get what you get and as for the "Made in America" angle.  You won't know that until you know the blank/guides/reel seat manufacturer.  It may be made in America with parts from out of the country.  

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