Being held March 16 - 18, 2018 on Lake Hartwell in Greenville, South Carolina. (again)  Of the 51 anglers who qualified there are a number who have competed in the event before.  Some several times.  Of those many are looking for their first Classic win.  But some still have won this winner take all event before. Casey Ashley 2015 Luke Clausen 2006 Mark Davis 1995 Edwin Evers  2016 Randy Howell  2014 Mike Iaconelli  2013 Alton Jones  2008 Jordan Lee 2017 Cliff Pace  2013 Skeet Reese  2009 And then there's Mr Kevin Van Dam, making his 27th appearance this year after winning in  2001, again in 2005, then back to back in 2010 & 2011.     So - who's taking the trophy home this time ?   A previous winner, or a first timer ?   I'm going with this year's AOY Champion ~   Brandon Palaniuk    A-Jay