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Dana R. Williams

Central TX Winter Bank Fishing - Waste of Time?

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New angler here going through my first winter of fishing.  I am not getting a single bite the last few weeks at my regular fishing locations in Austin, even at locations where I used to almost always catch a fish within 1-2 hours of work. Am I wasting my time bank fishing in the winter in Central Texas? It has been very different than in the summer and fall. I have been out at various times of day and in both cool and cold weather with no luck.


Not sure where to set my expectations for winter fishing but it has been very frustrating. Would love any input on what winter fishing should look like.




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You can catch nice fish from town lake from the bank year round. Just got to put the time in. SoCo to the Bike path bridge is a good area to focus on. 

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You may want to check out the Keep Austin Fishing group on Facebook if you haven't joined already. Great group and they offer a lot of help to new anglers. 


If you can make your way down to the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels, it's great right now for trout. If you're sticking with spots in Austin, slower and deeper, although I think this unusually cold (for Austin) winter has been affecting most fishermen in the area. 

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Honestly the fish just don't like to move around much in the winter, I've seen some people catching them with slow moving senkos/dingers though. But trust me, you arent alone!

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