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Float tubing GA help

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Hello friends. 

I will be in the Atlanta metro area during almost entire this august visiting my sister. 

As she will be working, I will have a good amount of days to go bass fishing. 

My first target will be that jewel the shoal bass are, but I'm planning to send one of my float tubes there waiting for me to come for some largemouth fishing days. 

I'm really interested in some kind of fishing I would not be able to usually do in Spain, what involves basically a lot of cover and why not? a good sized bass (for Spanish anglers, a 6 pounder is truly a trophy bass). 

Could you give me some advice on float tube fishing spots with lots of cover in and out of the water up to 2 hours driving from Atlanta area? Any still water river would be a paradise for me. 

What about to go to chickamauga with my float tube? I'm very interested in this lake. 

Any regulation about float tube using I have to know in Georgia and Tennessee? Will I only need the current state fishing license?

And, finally, will I found any unusual risk or dangerous animal in your waters? My country is very safe in this sense, but you have a lot of wildlife there!

Any help will be much appreciated!

I can't wait till summer to be trere!

Thank you all!

PD: absolutly catch and release only!

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Thank you, GodfatherofSeoul, I knew that forum, but I’m having issues signing up there. 

I’ll try to fix my account and i will post this topic there too. 

Thank you again!

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