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Stay with one brand of reels?

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Reel to reel models in Daiwa have different feels even among the SV series of reels. Their braking profiles differ to a degree with springs that are stiffer or inductor sizes that vary or spool sizes or magnet strength. A Tatula SV doesnt cast/feel the same as the SV105. A Tatula doesnt cast the same as the T3 magZ vs mag3D. 

Shimano the same way a Curado E doesnt cast the same as the Curado I and the Curado K now has changed with the newest brake system. 

So unless you stay current use all the same brand model versions their will be differences.

The best equalizer would be a highly trained thumb to lessen those changes between brands models.

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On 2/7/2018 at 2:57 PM, keltonz said:

Folks, I am looking to purchase a fourth baitcasting reel, and am deciding between the Daiwa Tatula CT and Shimano Curado K. Obviously the Shimano is quite a bit more expensive, but I have extensive experience with Daiwa reels. Is there anything to be said for using one brand of reels to keep the "feel" between setups similar? So I don't have to do as much mental swapping when I pick up a different setup? Or is that a bogus concept?

I'm actually in the process of selling off all my non daiwa reels. I don't think that it's a mental swap thing. I just tried reels from a few manufacturers last year and have now decided to go with all daiwa casting reels. One thing that'll be nice is cleaning the reels will be almost like a assembly line lol. I'm going with tatula sv's it the best reel I've tried. 

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Just to close the loop, I went with the Tatula CT in 7.3. If I like it it might become my go-to!

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