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Dobyns - Upgrade or Stay with Champion 734C

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Just broke my Gen 2 Champion 734C yesterday on a foul hook set . That rod was my spinnerbait rod.


Going to call up dobyns to inquire about how to do a replacement with $90 fee ($70 fee + $20 ship).


While I am looking online - Should upgrade to DX744 for extra $90 or stay with the champion 734C ? 



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That is a tough call.  If you still intend to use it primarily as a spinnerbait, buzzbait, topwater, rod than I probably would stay with the DC 734. Those are reaction baits and and do not require "THE MOST" sensitive rod. I fish with some XP series rods and am very happy with their sensitivity for what techniques they are used for. I consider them to be as sensitive as my G Loomis GL3 or IMX rods, and I do use those for bottom baits like jigs.

If I was going to use this rod more for bottom contact "feel" type baits than I would consider the upgrade more.  Just my two cents.

When you call Dobyns ask about the difference in the rod's tapers. I believe they will tell you the 744 is a bit quicker with a bit more backbone.

That DC 734C is just such a good all purpose rod.




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@fishnkamp I hear ya 


I am already in the market for a jig rod. Now I have to look for two more. The monkey bait loves me ! 


The funds are set for the jig (just trying to decide/waiting for good sale). I'm hoping that there will be a good sale from American Legacy for the GLX/NRX. I also saw a Gloomis GLX 854C (green) for as it's in my budget on one of the forums. That might be a ticket. If it breaks, I can use the warranty service to replace using G. LOOMIS XPEDITOR SERVICE.


Decision is not final as I am considering the Dobyns DX745 and Legend Elite 7'1 MHXF  


For that spinnerbait rod - I might just stick with the 734C since it's a DO IT ALL Rod.

Just need more research/call dobyns and others to chim in to convinced me  to stay 734C or move to DX744. 

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I sent you a pm

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