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Spin bait / spy bait / prop bait

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How do you fish spin bait? Straight slow retrieve (how slow)or ripped it and let sink? How do you keep spin bait at one depth zone?


i just got this lure from Thailand along with some wired looking frog. It is a spin bait/prop bait. I think most of anglers over there using this as top water for snake head becuz the props is huge a lot bigger than reg prop bait and it creates a lot of commotion and sound just like whopper plopper. Now the lure is sink at pretty good rate becuz all the hardware and hooks so I think might be a good alternative to fish like spin bait. I never fish spin bait before so I'm not really sure what I am doing. Even at my slow retrieve the lure trend to rise up to surface. Any recommendations of how to fish this lure. BTW it comes with treble hook but I replaced with my 3/0 inline hook.

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@JustJames that looks like topwater. You could rip, pop, or steady retrieve.


as far as a spy bait I fish duo and it’s been great. Count it down then as slow as possible on a strait retrieve bring it in. I fish mine on a 7’0” ml fast on 10lb braid and 6lb floro leader. Have got bit on the initial fall and retrieve. I was fishing post spawn when they were up feeding on Shad after the Shad spawn

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