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Small swimbaits

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Swimjig head as in skirt/weedguard?


Well its hard to find 1/8 oz swimjigs first of all.  Secondly the bulk of the skirt defeats the purpose of the small swimbait.


I recently discovered that a 90° linetie ballhead jig can make its way through brush pretty easily given you dont allow slack for it to roll over under a branch.


Basically ballhead jig is a minimalist approach and the open hook gives better hookups on the lighter rods you need to throw them on.  They also perform better when swinging them by pilings or dropping down on fish

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I always use a round ball jig head with Keitech swimbaits. I fish a lot of ponds and if you go light it skips over grass and weeds. From the Keitech website “Jig Head 1Rig - The Fat Swing Impact fished on our Tungsten Super Round Jig head is our top money winning rig. We recommend the 1/0 Tungsten Super Round for the 2.8”, the 2/0 for the 3.8” and the 3/0 for the 4.8”. Adjust your depth with weight choices of 1/16 to 1/4oz.”  “Jig Head Rig - The Original Swing Impact, teamed with the our Tungsten Super Round jig head and fished on the straight retrieve is our Pro-staff’s go to bait. Fish it on the straight retrieve or drag it slowly on the bottom. The 2” should be rigged with the #4 Tungsten Super Round, the 3” with the #1, the 3.5" with the #1/0 ,the 4” with the 2/0 and the 4.5" with the 3/0.”

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