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I recently started making my own firecracker jigs and finesse football jigs in 1/4 oz and would like to have a dedicated spinning set up. I currently fish them on a dx742hp with braid but this seems a little light for my preferences. Love that rod though. So old like to purchase another rod for this application and I'm just curious if anyone has any experience with the tatula elites or imx pro or the dx743hp.  Preferably someone with exp with more then just one of them models I'm interested in are as follows tatula tael731 or 741 both are medium powered rods rated for 3/16 to 1/2 oz the 731 is a 7'3" exfast and the 741 is a 7'4" fast action or the imx pro 892sjwr which is a 7'5" medium power exfast action rated for 1/8-3/8 oz.  I will be using sunline super sniper floro in 8# and reel of choice will be handled once I figure out what rod.  Sorry I can't seem to find anywhere local that carries these rods on hand so I'm asking here and I know these kinds of things get asked a million times daily.




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I have the IMX-PRO 853c. I love it. Unfortunately that's all I can add since I haven't fished any of the other rods on your list. But I can say you won't go wrong with the Loomis. 

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I know ild be happy with any of the above and I'm sure it's like everything else everybody has there favorite brand. I know I do and it's a toss up between dobyns and Loomis each rod has it's place. 

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