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Anyone ever fish at Lake Dunmore Vermont?

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I'm trying to plan my fishing trip for the weekend and I am thinking I will go up to either Lake Dunmore or perhaps Echo Lake (the one in Plymouth VT) and rent a canoe and maybe fish under the piers if I go to Lake Dunmore as well.


I am trying to decide what rods to bring on the canoe. I'm thinking of trying a t-rig, jig or maybe a spinnerbait that I can use to work grasslines, under docks etc., or my spinning rod and fishing a drop shot in deeper water (although I have to find an anchor and rope if that's going to be effective). It's supposed to reach a max of 79 and will probably be much cooler in the morning, and there's also supposed to be high barometric pressure so the fish should also be active.


Since it's a rented boat without a rod holder, I would likely just bring one rod with me so I don't risk losing it. This will be the largest lake I've been in with a canoe, so I'm going to play it safe until I learn the lake and feel more confident I won't lose it -- where in the past of I lost a rod, I'd swim to the bottom and get it).


If anyone has any experience with the lake it would be appreciated.

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Well I got skunked -- almost had one but didn't get a good hookset and he got free. My son got his first one of the year though, and had several more nibbles.


I totally brought the wrong rods and fished the wrong baits for the lake. I knew it was clear water (some of the clearest I ever fished) but I had no idea other than several docks that there is virtually no cover anywhere on the lake.


Also I learned that one way from the state park (where we rented the canoe), the shoreline is very shallow and has sun shining on it all day as well, the other line has the sun at a 90 degree angle and much more depth, so I know which part not to waste time in.


Next time I'm bringing my spinning rod and fishing a drop shot.

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