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WTB: Falcon FTO 700 Jig Box

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Looking for the pre-Plano jig box and possibly some other Falcon FTO boxes. 

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I'll offer some unsolicited advice...  you don't wan't one.  Unless all you have is 3/8 oz std jigs.  It works great for that.  1/4 will fall out, 1/2 and above usually won't fit, and it won't fit any football or larger profile heads at all.  Swim/narrow head jigs can fall out as well.  But, it's great for storing 40-ish 3/8" jigs :).


All that being said, they pop up on the big auction site pretty often..  you can set up a search with email notify and it will email you when one is listed.


I ran the FTO system for a long time, I think it was brilliant - you give up some capacity per box, but it's a great system for a Co.  I had probably 20 boxes with both v6 and v8 bags.  I would have the v8 in the trunk for travel and pull boxes to put into a v6 bag on the water.


Disadvantages - non-standard size, so didn't work with with the gold standard 3700 size storage options, whether bag, boat, racks, etc.  Plano attempted to fix this by sizing them up to 3700 size but ruined the dividers, making them one molded piece vs the individual trays of the Falcon design, which allow great flexibility.  IF they would have kept the (likely costlier to manufacture) individual tray design while sizing up to 3700, they would have been brilliant as well.


err...sorry rambled on for a market post.



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