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Lake Lanier Breakdown - Exclusive BassResource article

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ANGLR Tour Report:


Lake Lanier was our third Bass stop on the ANGLR Tour at this point. Lake Lanier is a famous lake in the southern part of the United States. It is incredibly well known for its Spotted Bass and Striper fishing. We were very excited to have the opportunity to fish with Captain Ron Mullins and target these famed Spotted Bass and Striped Bass!
After fishing for 6+ hours, we’ve analyzed the data that was collected by the ANGLR App paired with the brand new Bullseye and here are the takeaways.

  • Total Fish Caught: 15
  • Trip Time: 6:30AM-12:45PM
  • Barometric Pressure was Stable at 1360 Mbar
  • Wind Speed Ranged from 1 mph - 4 mph

Cloud Coverage Observations

It was clear the majority of this trip, but there were periods where it became partly cloudy, and that had a direct correlation to the majority of the fish being caught. From 6:45-7:10 AM, it was partly cloudy. Jake and Alex landed 5 fish during that time period, 1/3 of their catch from the trip!
Then there was about a 2 hour lull where they only landed one fish, the skies were clear of clouds at this time. From 9:00-9:30 AM, it became partly cloudy once again and the fish turned on! They caught 5 fish including a double on some hefty spotted bass in a short window of cloud coverage. Once the skies cleared again, they spent a few hours roaming around the lake in search of a school.

The rest of the fish they caught were towards the end of the trip, the skies stayed clear, but Jake and Alex moved out to a deeper section of Lake Lanier and found some fish schooling deeper in the water column.



The takeaways from our data analysis are pretty clear. The barometric pressure was stable for the entire trip, so that was not an indicator of the fish biting at certain times. The wind speed had a 3 mph range (1- 4 MPH), but did not have a clear correlation to the fish being caught due to wind speed or direction. The most important data point clearly correlated with Cloud Coverage. When the skies were clear, the fish were much less cooperative, whereas when it became partly cloudy, the fish turned on and Jake and Alex hammered home during those small windows of cloud coverage.


Key Baits

  • Gunfish Spook in the Morning
  • Sebile Swimbait used like a Wake Bait once the morning bite turned off
  • Flipped Bridge Pilings with Blueback Herring later in the morning
  • Blueback Herring on Circle Hooks (Striper Fishing) in Deep Water


Link to trip summary page where you can replay the trip, catch-for-catch (see where they caught them!):





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That Bullseye is going to be a game changer for guys who aren't particularly good at remembering to take notes while on the water. Being able to go back and see all those details later with just the push of a button could really help a guy learn a lot about their day on the water and keep notes for future reference. 

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