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Wholesale component supplier?

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Back in April, my employer and I took the plunge into making custom rods for his bait/tackle store.  We obtained a wholesale account with Mudhole.


We have made 5 orders so far, and something we rely on receiving is backordered every time.  Some stuff we're still waiting on from May.


My question: What other options are out there for wholesale prices for rod building components?  We'd like a one-stop source for all supplies, to cut down on shipping costs if possible.

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I use Bingham Enterprises for the majority of my orders.  Backorders happen with everyone.  Your backorder from May wouldn't happen to have been some Fuji guides, would it? I just received some that I ordered in April.  They were literally on a slow boat from China.

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I realize back orders will happen.  There has just been a lot more than one would expect.


Yes, Fuji guides for one, but also lots of reel seats and some blanks.  It wouldn't be a big deal to wait for some things, but you get totally hosed on the shipping if you decide to make another small order to substitute what you didn't receive just to move along with builds.  It's been frustrating thus far due to this.


We will check out your suggestion.  Thank you!

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I'm a hobby builder and buy most of my stuff at retail, but one place I use is worth a good look on your end.


If you use Batson or PacBay stuff at all, give Utmost Enterprises a call.  The only downside is that you will have to connect over the phone to get them your card number, but once they have it, a simple email with your list of components will get stuff out to you quickly.  They are literally just down the road from Batson and PacBay, so if the stuff is around, it gets shipped.  Their pricing for retail customers is phenomenal, not really that far off of wholesale.


Unfortunately, I don't think there are many options that carry a product line as large and diverse as Mud Hole.  Angler's Workshop might be an alternative to look at.

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