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back pain

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Let me tell you guys a horror story about back pain.


My wife, a young and beautiful lady, started with her back pain 10 years (or so) from a degenerative disc problem that runs in her family.


Three neck surgeries; ten back surgeries; pain doctor; on methadone now which is not working; and we have come the realization that as soon as you get your back operated on and one level is repaired, the levels below the repaired level will start to fail.


We are going to see Dr. Chris Schafrey at UVA Medical Center on August 6th to plan for her to have another surgery to have wedges inserted into her spine so she can stand up straight and hopefully relieve the back, hip and leg pain.  Not other doctor in the greater Richmond, Virginia, area will touch her or consider doing surgery.


She has 2 to 1 odds of eliminating or reducing the pain and being able to walk again without a cane or a shopping cart.


So please, please, please be aware that once they start operating on your spine you could be in a worse position that you are in now.


And with the new FDA rules on opioids, many doctors will no longer prescribe them for fear of losing their medical license.


Good luck to everyone who has back problems and back pain. It is a no win situation.

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I started having back problems when I was 39.  I could bend over, or I could twist at the waist.  When the two happened at the same time my back would seize up.  I'd either be bent over forward, or bent over sideways, and it hurt like the devil when I would try and straighten up.  It would usually take about a month to heal back up.

I really started working out after I had shoulder surgery and noticed that my back quit bothering me.  Now I work out a couple of times a week just to keep everything working pain free.

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