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Hello, hope everybody doing good and hooking big ones😀. Anyway i remembered i have an old GTGrant wheel doing nothing  that would look good  if-1. I can pull original wheel off. Does it pull off like an auto wheel with a splined shaft? 2. If so than i woukd need to find an adapter to mount custom wheel. Has anybody done this and how if you could enlighten me i would be tickled "bass green"! Thanks for any ideas-oh yeah  allmost forgot this is on a 1998 g3 pro 175 side console🤔

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To take the steering wheel off, spray some oil such as WD40 around the shaft of the steering wheel. I would let it soak several hours. I think I let mine soak overnight. Take the big nut off and you would think it would come off with a little pulling. Mine didn't and yours probably won't either. I took a center punch and hit the shaft with a hammer 3 times and it came off. You can also half way put the nut back on and hit it. Main thing is not to mess up the threads. as far as using a car steering wheel I don't know. My bet is it will not work but what do I know. Good luck.

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The helm on your boat probably has a 3/4" or 7/8" tapered shaft. 

If the wheel you have has a tapper, then it's just a matter of making sure they are the same size tapper.

As mentioned, normally you can get your thighs in behind the steering wheel to force out on it and give it a good smack with a hammer and punch as mentioned and it will pop off.

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