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I think we have all had the experience of clicking on something and then it pops up everywhere.......and is the case with Edge rods.

I don’t see a lot of recent reviews written on them, but wonder what the opinions are.




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I'm pretty sure the Edge Black Widow, which is there current highest rod offering, utilizes the same blank materials that the prior Kistler Zbone had. Thus, the sensitivity should be relatively similar. Regarding the blank, the MBR style taper is extremely versatile. However, for the price the sensitivity was ok for the NFC HM blank. I would rate it just under the GLX from my experience. However, I did try the Zbone 3MH and 4MH, which doesn't have the carbon fiber handle which Gary Loomis claims to enhance sensitivity in his Edge Black Widow rods.


However, North Fork Composites has a new blank that was introduced recently. So, I would assume the Edge rods would be updated with the new blanks soon.

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I bought a black widow 7'3 ML spinning rod last year. I wasn't impressed.  The rod is kind of heavy and the blank is as thick as my other MH rod. 

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