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Headed to Gaston next week

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The wife and I are headed to Gaston next week for our 32nd anniversary.

We are staying in a house on Lizard creek in Littleton, I've never fished Gaston before we bass fish mostly but we also fish for crappie and bream. I'm not asking for anyone's secret fishing holes but how does this lake fish this time of year. If the weather holds we should have 3 days to fish during the week.

However if anyone wants to send the GPS coordinates of their fishing sweet spots l promise to delete them when I leave😁

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How’d you do on Lizard Creek? Looked sweet a few weeks ago. Heavy hydrilla though. Good cover for bass but can be tough to fish. My best friend lives in Gaston just a few creeks down.

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We didn't do to well the week we were there. We only fished lizard creek one day I caught 2 small ones on a crank bait my wife fished for pan fish most of the day. We have never fished water that clear before the water clarity was about 6 feet that alone was a challenge plus fishing ahead of the hurricane. In all honesty I never could find them I think I was over thinking it. The last afternoon I fished I found them on steep drop offs on the main lake but by that time the winds ahead of the hurricane was 10 to 15 gusting 25 to 35 so it made it hard to fish the main lake. Still had a great time and looking forward to going back.

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You may have been there when I was down there. I left as the storms were moving in. When I came back home I went to Pocahontas and detroyed them. That place is finicky too. The following weekend I went fishing the Sunday before the tornados hit and they were on fire that day too. Love how nasty weather makes fishing better. 


As far as Gaston goes, when I start learning that body of water (I think we know its a challenge being how big it is) I'll share some info. When we rolled up into Lizard Creek last month on the pontoon boat it was excactly how you described. It was clear and vegged out. Looked awesome.

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