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Keeping soft baits in bag

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On 12/2/2018 at 8:09 PM, heavyduty said:

I keep plastics in original bags. If you are looking for a "tackle box", I keep mine in the 7qt sterilite plastic tubs that you can get at Walmart for $2.00 each. They are the perfect size for most plastic bait bags and you can get 25-30 bags in each one. They have latches on each end to secure the top. You can take a magic marker and label them easily.




I’ve been doing this method for a long time also. They store nice in the boat compartments as well. I have a few different manufacturers of them but all work out well. You can keep specific terminal tackle in there also so when you grab the box everything is right there to convert over quickly. Some plastics are stored by manufacturer, some are stored style. I find plastics easier to find this way. 

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I like to keep my soft plastics in the bags they come in.

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For many years I kept mine in the original bag, and crammed them into plastic trays in bait boxes. One container holds 4 trays full of baits. I also had an overflow of plastic baits in the original bag that I kept  (and still keep) on nails on the wall in my fishing room.

For the last couple years, I started taking baits out of the original bags and putting them naked into the trays, grouped by type and color. I love this system except that it seems like the zoom baits I use lose their color and "slinkiness " doing it this way.

Not sure why they lose color because they are no more exposed to sunlight than before.

What I like about my current system is that its one step to the bait instead of 2 , and I actually enjoy seeing tha baits in the tray for some reason. When using the bag, there isnt quite enough room in the tray- they are crammed in there.

Kind of looking for a new way. I dont like soft storage for some reason, probably that you are several motions away from the bait ( zippers drive me nuts ). I only have a small soft storage bag I carry for accessories and bank fishing.

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Being in a kayak I don't carry a ton of plastics...........

Yum Dingers in four colors

Rage Craws in 2 colors

Rage Bugs in 2 colors

Menace Grubs in 2 colors


They are out of their bags and in a 3700 Plano box.

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Four things to remember when storing plastics in plastic bags:


1.  Be sure not to mix the different plastics just in case they leach their colors onto the other plastics in the bag. In other words, keep all 294 Senkos together, all Zoom Junebug Trick Worms together; all Zoom or YUM green pumpkin finesse worms together by manufacturer, etc.


2.  Write the names and types of the baits on each plastic bag so you can easily see what is in the bag and not rely on your memory that can be foggy in a few months. Do not write anything on an index card or piece of paper and put it in the bag as it will suck up the chemicals in the plastics.


3.  If possible, keep all new baits in their original packaging. Do not add any plastics that you have thrown and are saving for your next fishing adventure.


4.  Keep any used plastics you wish to retain in their own bags, separate from the other baits as stated in 3 above.


You can then store your plastics by name, color or type so you can take inventory next year and then take the Bait Monkey with you to the tackle shop to buy or order replacements. :) 


And it is fun to do this and realize how many different types of plastics you have.


Merry Christmas!

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