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Upgrading bushings to bearings

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So Daiwa for some reason chooses to utilize bushings where bearings would be a better choice.  That is a pretty easy fix, specifically in the reel handles so I thought it would be a good winter project. The investment is well worth it as I notice any handle grip play was corrected.  It's a subtle change but worth the effort. Worm gear bushings will be next.


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I personally prefer the bushings. If any bit of dirt gets into those bearings, I can feel that little bit of crunching as the handle turns and I can't stand that. So then it goes to maintenance and I remove/soak/clean/relube the bearings.


Performance wise, if you're sitting there spinning the knobs, yeah the bearings are going to spin faster/longer than bushings, but on the water...that doesn't happen.


So can I have your old bushings. :D

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It's generally all preference.  Not much dirt gets in there.  Bearings also add weight.  When I encounter knob bearings, I pack them with grease.  I don't want them spinning free when my hand is not on them.

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