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Who has knowledge/experience with the Orra Winch line of reels?

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Been looking for deep crank reel option for under 75 bucks. Looking for something like a 5.4:1 I’d say. Going on a 7’6” crank rod and will be throwing 5XD, 6XD and such. I think I MAY have settled on an Orra Winch but there are just a lot of models in the Orra Winch family and since they are no longer being activately being sold by Abu Garcia there is not a shred of info about them on their website. I have read every post on this forum that talks about them and while I read comments about them I never found anything comparing models to each other.


I've done a lot of research online and I see these 3 versions of the “older” Winch models:


Orra Winch

Orra Winch 2

Orra Max Winch


There are even some models for salt water and some newer ones that are out of my price range. I’ve read some about certain models seemed to really outperform they siblings but it is hard to figure out which is the “best” model. I guess I am looking for someone with some knowledge or experience with these reels to kind of sort them out and get some reviews or pointers on which I should go with.

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I have owned a couple of Revo Winch for several years, both have been fantastic reels, one is what I would call a Gen 2 Winch and other a Gen 3.    Either makes light work of a 10XD.


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