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Questions about Lowrance units

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I have a couple questions. BPS is having their big spring sale next week and I'm thinking about getting a new unit for the bow of my Ranger because they are offering triple club points and free installation on sonars. I am currently running an aging HDS Gen 2 up front. I'm trying to decide between the new HDS Live ($1799), this year's Elite Ti2 ($1069) or last year's Elite Ti2 ($599).


To be honest, the HDS Live is a good bit out of my budget and even if I were to get it, I couldn't afford the LiveSight upgrade any time soon. That said, I don't want to have buyer's remorse because I bought the cheaper unit and missed out on a bunch of other features. So my first question is this: Other than LiveSight, is the HDS Live worth the extra money?  What else does it bring to the table over the Elite Ti2?  And I guess question 1B would be:  Is there a dramatic difference between last year's Elite Ti and this year's?  The $599 price tag is attractive but again, saving $400 but regretting I did not purchase the other unit is something I would like to avoid.


My other question is this: I have a Minn Kota Ultrex (36V) and I am currently using the built in universal transducer on it with the Gen 2. Is there a transducer that I can mount on that trolling motor that will give me side imaging and down imaging? The guy at BPS said only a DI transducer will fit but I could swear I've seen pros on MLF running SI on the front. I know my neighbor has it on his Humminbird.


Thanks in advance for any help!


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Osprey, the Elite Ti 9 they have on sale for $599 is a Ti 1 not the new Ti2.

As for the difference between Ti1 & 2, I haven’t seen one in person but know they have a new 3 in 1 transducer and it’s a touch screen.  Not sure you would get the picture you expect without using the new transducer ( on your trolling motor)

BTW, I have a Elite Ti12, last years version.

From what I’ve been told, the HDS Live is a completely new platform over the Carbons. Plus they run the new 3 in 1 transducer.  This has nothing to do with the new LiveSight transducer coming out this spring.

I have a friend that has a Carbon and he has seen the Live in person on the water and says the screen image is superior to his Carbon. And he is running his thru the 3D black box. That is saying a lot.

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Thanks for the info SC53.  My heart is telling me to buy the Live but my head is telling me to get last year's Ti which would still be a big upgrade from my Gen 2 and buy the Live later when I have more money to spend on it haha.

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