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Here's a look at a display I put together for a local fishing and hunting show:




This event has the feel of a flea market and my intention is to get a fair, non-negotiable price for work I spend considerable time on. I want the product to stand out from other venders "stuff dumped in tubs," so I decided to go high end with descriptive signs in holders and a photo board so I can point to a pic and explain a process. The photos also serve to quiet young bucks who smirk and say, "Do these things work?" I just point to a 4 lb. smallmouth and smile. By the way, the tablecloth is linen.




Like many others, I like the looks of the casting that comes out of Do-it's Poison tail mold. I also tie bucktail and bear on an 1/8 oz. ball jig. Working one of these along the bottom slowly with a twitch and a pause for chilled out smallies puts you in a state of high alert. If you've got the patience for this oh-so-subtle presentation you may be well rewarded.




New for the 2019 F & H show is this Crestliner2008-inspired blade bait mod. Start with Barlow's 5/8 oz. vibrating blade bait body, get out your Dremel and, wearing a full face shield, cut off the front hook hanger with an abrasive disc that will shatter if you flex it. Eagle Claw's 1/0 Siwash will show even a bruiser bass who's boss.


You see above a couple of 1/4 oz. football heads, one tied with bucktail, the other with bear.

It's not late breaking news to come up with this offering. What is, however, are their PVA trailers. I've bid a fond farewell to Uncle Josh and am now cutting Polyvinyl Alcohol into a shape that I think will say,"Food!" to fish.


Gotta get back to the bench now to continue preparations for tomorrow's show. We'll discuss the potential of PVA later in the month.





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photo_1.JPG.9c1fc3a4a55e4270b4e900da9c83f5e7.JPGAluminum Master Cut-out


photo_2.JPG.a4b454f2e218de7251ab3227eb9d17c5.JPGSmoothing and Final Shaping.


photo_3.JPG.e4440fa8ba95297458135910f368e606.JPGMaster Transferred to Nickel-Silver


photo_4.JPG.1859ee3f8826bf4806b8ac7514a3840b.JPGShaping, Bending/Curving Tool


photo_5.JPG.9c0e554289a72152557718071abeef50.JPGFinal Spoon w/ hardware attached


Just shy of a 1/2 oz and 2 3/4". Replicated after Lil Cleo.

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53 minutes ago, BASS302 said:


Did you use a tungsten bullet weight for the body? 

Why yes I did. I wanted the head to be small in diameter to make sure the blade spins around it. Not much of an issue with a Colorado blade, the Indiana and willow leaf (not shown) tend to spin closer to the body. 


Thanks for your interest.

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