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10 hours ago, FryDog62 said:

I skip a lot but it took me a couple years to figure out I was doing it wrong.   The thing that threw me off was the comment “just skip it like a rock.”  Actually that’s the wrong thing to do.  


I played a lot of baseball and could skip a flat rock a mile.  But it didn’t translate all that well to fishing.  Skipping a lure effectively is different.  You don’t drop your shoulder and side arm it like a rock.


The light went on for me when I watched a Swindle video and he said “do not” get into position like a baseball player and launch it side arm. !! What...??


If you watch him he stands straight up and roll casts effortlessly to his target.  Went out the next day, and admittedly will never be as good as him, but tried to imitate his mechanics - and I’m about 99% better than I was.   Best fish I’ve caught consistently in the past 3 years have been under docks..


Don’t skip it like a rock...


And if you use a baitcaster, get an SV spool..


That condenses 5 years of learning down into into 7 sentences ;) - good luck!


I am positive if I hadnt played so much baseball ( and done so much rock skipping ) I would not have picked the skill of skipping up so easily. It isnt exactly the same motion , because you have a rod in your hand. But it's the closest thing to that motion. Most of the time I fish low to the water sitting in my J. boat. This makes me have to skip with the rod nearly parallel to the water, maybe slightly tilted downward. I can skip a bait 40 feet accurately, and can go 50 + but dont like to. That may not seem like much distance but when half of it is under a dock , or back up into brush, it isnt bad. I like control, and when it gets too far away, you lose it.

But I'll keep skipping it like a rock because it works for me. Thats's one the joy of fishing. Do what works best for your circumstances.

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A very big thanks for all the replies! 

I made it out today. Picked up a spinning rod, that's all I used. 


Even got two in the boat, missed two others.

It was windy, gusts to 30mph. I found some spots somewhat protected. It makes wonder if I even want to try the baitcaster again, for skipping. Aahhh, who am I kidding, I will!




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This was my winter project... And watching the videos is a great start.  As far as personal experience I can say:


1.  Heavy line helped.  I started with a cheap spool of #20 mono I found for 3$


2.  Dual braking helped while I was learning.   I didn't touch the spool tension or internal pins, but cranked up the outer dial similar to if I were out on a very windy day.  


3.  Commit to it.  When I was afraid to backlash, I got "whippy" and "jerky" and, well, it resulted in a backlash.  I found that I was physically capable of skipping, but the mental battle was the tough part.  Let it fly and you might be shocked at the result.  


Hope this helps!


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