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Cory N

Does anyone know anything about these batteries?

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Came with the boat I bought last fall.

Best way to charge, optimal usage, etc...




edit:  tried a google search and didn't come up with much

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My guess is that they came from a battery maintenace change of a UPS system. Note the bolt torque instructions.

They are just lead/acid batteries like most common deep cycle batteries.


The batteries are probably actually made in Japan


I would also guess that their amp capactity to be quite low for trolling motor use.

Google is as Google does

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Not sure what a group 24 marine battery is but I think I'm ok running maybe a 36 # max trolling motor off two of these hooked in parallel if they are 64 ah.

So charge as deep cycle?

Thank you Wayne and Dougherty.

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Both batteries in parallel is 128AH. A rule of thumb is that a 36# 12 volt motor will draw 36 amps.  That  gives you about 3.5 hours of run time on full.

Check out page 70 of this pdf. http://www.utrc2.org/publications/assets/13/hybridbus1.pdf

It looks like it has the same charging requirements as a AGM battery. If your charger has a AGM setting you should be good.

It looks like they used that battery in a Hybrid bus. I think it should handle your trolling motor without a problem.

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Dougherty, I don't know how you find this stuff, but thank you very much.  

Google is your friend.

They are also date 2004 so remaining life may be minimal.

I would not be to worried about the age if they where cared for properly. My battery is at least 8 years and it still works fine. But I make sure it if properly maintained.  I know it is older but I can not remember when I go it. But I have had it in my current boat since I bought it, the boat, new in 2000. I used in my previous boat but can not remember for how long. The battery is a ACDelco m27mf.

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