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How I got A $50.00 boat

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Spring 2006 I bought this Coleman Skinoe, (plastic), canoe for $100.00. A used 36 lb thrust minnkota trolling motor for $75.00, and was on the water all summer last year, and once this year. It was well worth the money.

It was getting to be to much for my back to load the canoe any more and told my girl freind it looked like my fishing days were over.

With out me knowing what was up to, she put the canoe up for sale. The next day she gave me $300.00 and told me to get something I could fish with. I bought this 14 ft aluminum with a gator trailer for $200.00. My first project boat and it came out nice just not big enough.



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3 weeks ago I traded the canoe for this 1976 Steury 215F, 14' long, 69" wide fiberglass boat. I felt so bad I threw in the trolling motor.

I sold the project boat for $350 without the trailer or anything but the work I put into it, right out of the St. Joe River, and I sold the junk trailer that came with the Steury for $25.00. With that I bought a 1975 Johnson Sea Horse with electric start for, are you ready for this, $200.00. It had'nt run in 2 years but had her going in no time, and she runs like a raped ape thanks to, Rob, and Skip.

I plan on putting in floor and decking it soon, I will continue and post pics as I go. Thanks to all who helped with my last project and hope to keep hearing and seeing more of your ideas.


   Thats how I got my $50.00 boat.



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Great job, that's how America was built. Want something and get it done.

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