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What is a popular opinion you disagree with?

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On 7/15/2019 at 11:24 AM, NorthForNigthts said:

Lure color, especially for sinking or deep diving baits. If lure colour really mattered as much as manufacturers claimed, they'd make almost all deep diving crankbaits black/blue, or white. That's just how the color spectrum works. Truth is, almost everything between orange and purple on the colour spectrum looks the same in 20+ feet.




I'm experimenting, but I'm wondering if color matters for a popper, especially anywhere besides the bottom. I'm gonna make a few, some really weird, and see if it matters. I see fish miss them sometimes so I wonder if they see something they don't like at the last moment or are simply bad aim.


As for crank baits, I've caught every fish out of a local lake with cranks, and I only throw them there because nothing else has worked. One of my go-to baits is a white fluke, but now I have another - cranks. 

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