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Orochi FFS/Antares DC/sexy JDM hardbaits package

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The time has come for me to thin the herd a bit.  I love this absolutely top notch combo but I fish mostly heavy cover so it just ends up sitting in the rod holder while I run frogs, jigs and worms 99% of the time, which just ain’t right.  It’s like tucking the Mona Lisa away in a closet- I don’t think I’ve even taken the rod cover off this year!  Someone give this beast the attention it deserves, it’s really too nice to collect dust in my man cave.  


Reel:  Shimano Antares DC (4x8 computer, not DC7!) left hand reel.  One of the greatest reels ever made IMO, and casts those 110s clear over the moon.  The mosquito whine sound of the DC braking is as addictive as it is effective, and the 4x8 deserves every bit of praise it gets and then some.  Comes fully spooled with 8# CXX.  Light general scuffing on the chrome body and a mark on one handle but no significant wear or heavy scratches anywhere.    


Rod:  Megabass Orochi XX Flat Side Special (F4.1/2-70XX) 7’ 1/4-3/4oz.  Eyes are perfect, blank is perfect, cork is almost new.  Includes matching purple hook keeper (original one was removed by the original owner), matching black/purple/silver rod sock.  This blank is incredible!  You can feel every wiggle, tick and bump through this thing, and I love the 7’ length for the extra casting distance over the 6’10” model.  Gorgeous blank!  


Box ‘O’ Baits:  19 hard baits in the 1/2oz range, almost all Megabass, some Imakatsus and a couple Deps (only 1 domestic bait- that big R2S jointed deep diver) and I’m a huge stickler for hunting cool patterns so these are all premium natural forage based colorways- usually either bass patterns, perch, trout etc.  Bunch of dressed trebles and many of these baits have only been thrown a few times, if at all.  Good mix of topwaters, squarebill-depth baits, jerks and deep divers.  I paid top retail dollar for every one of these hand picked beauties but they all fit the combo to a T and all the water columns are covered so they should all stay together IMO.  


Asking $525 shipped CONUS for the whole ready-to-rip package.  I priced it all out and if it was all for sale individually, you’re looking at almost $900 in high end gear here.  Not interested in separating.  Paypal required.  I can take whatever pics you’d like, so don’t be bashful to ask.  Thanks for reading and tight lines out there!  


**apparently I need to resize all my pics to be able to post them, so I will enter them in the comments below when I get a minute today**

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