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Revenge spinnerbaits and Takahiro square bills


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Nothing wrong with these babies. I am mostly a shore angler so I have limited space in my waist pack or small shoulder bag. They've been sitting in a drawer for several years now. I haven't used the cranks once I tried a buddy's moderate rod and realized my fast rods are horrible for cranks. As for the spinnerbaits, with our clearer waters in Minnesota, I just started moving towards swimbaits and swimjigs. They're all in good shape and many have been hardly used and some have never touched water. The ones that were used, I would resharpen with a diamond file if it needed it. I checked all the baits and hooks just now and right out of the box, all of them are ready to be fished.

Refer to photos for whatever I got. I'm kind of lazy to list everything but I'll try:
-most of the spinnerbaits are 1/2oz except the far right row where I lined up the 3/8oz together. I bought a bunch of extra Revenge spinner blades that I'm throwing it

-there are two 3/4oz deep runners. the chartreuse one lost its skirt so I placed a new one on. And then I also changed it to a single blade with my pliers

-Those are four brand new unopened Takahiro RTOs
-The cranks are all 2.5 RTO Takahiro's except for two that are 2.0.

-***The 2.0 tomato shad suffered a broken lip and no longer runs. I just keep it there if I ever need the split rings, hook, or eye***

I've been a member of bassresource since 2009 and I've sold several times to members on here: camman, kiko13, NILBasser, some other ones. 

$60 shipped for spinnerbaits

$60 shipped for squarebills

I will not split up to sell individually. Spinnerbaits are all part of one lot, cranks are all part of one lot.


$100 shipped for everything


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