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Assort. Of Plastic Bass Baits

Tatsu Dave

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Hello, have quite a few extra plastics hanging round so maybe someone wants to deepen inventory or start a young bass fisherman off. Includes Keitech swimbaits-Berkley Pit Bosses-Hags Tornados-Yum 4" dingers-Yum twin curly tail grubs-few sluggos-Yum pulse swimbaits-RI sweet beavers-Powerbait pit bosses. Most pit bosses are in a small divided box. $30. for all and whatever shipping is to where you are. If you are really interested message me and I will count and give you colors of all baits. They are all new and unfished but removed from packages when put in large tackleboxes, now lot of packages gone so they may not be in original packaging. Bait Monkey is a close friend of mine ?


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Yes they are if interested let me know and I'll give you a count and color check on all. I believe there are more know than there was. PM me, will be on the water all day tomorrow however.

Grande Fishing Rattlesnakes

    Trophy Hunter 4 3/4" qty 26

     Junebug 4 3/4" gty 21

Grande Fishing Snake O's 

     Blk/Blue Flake 5" qty 15

     Watermelon Red Flake 5" qty 10

Keitech Swing Impact Fat

      Ghost Rainbow 4.8" qty 5

      Hasu(silver shiner) 4.8" qty 5

Lunker City Sluggo

       Silver/Blue Back 3 1/2" qty 19

       Silver/Blue Back 4 1/2" qty 8

Lunker City Fin S Fish

        Silver/Blue Back 4" qty 5

Big Bite Baits Kreats Kreature

        Huisache 4" qty 10

Berkley Powerbait Pit Boss

        Junebug 4" qty 11

        Black Blue Flake 4" qty 12

        Blue Perfection 4" qty 2

        Watermelon Orange Flake 4" qty 7

        Green Haze 4" qty 8

        Big Texan 4" qty 5

Yum Pulse Swimbaits

         Watermelon Red Flake 5" qty 9

         Tin Foil 5" qty 7

         Black Tin Foil qty 8

Yum Double Tail Grub

         Grn Pump Red Flake 3" qty 6

         Watermelon Candy 3" qty 12

Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver

          Blacklight 4" qty 8

Yum Dinger

           Watermelon Red Flake 4" qty 14

Hags Tornados

            Grn Pump Red Flake 5" qty 8

            Black/Blue Flake 5" qty 8

            Watermelon Golden Cherry 5" qty 13

            Bluegill 5" qty 13

            Tilapia 5" qty 8

            California Red 5" qty 13

            Storm Chaser 5" qty 19

Gene Larew Hoodaddy

             Junebug 6" qty 8

All baits new but not always in original packages, came out of tackleboxes. Not dried or poor condition in any way, just some of the overage I have. 323 baits total....see list above. PM me for any further info  Dave

Soft Baits.JPG

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