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How do you Southern boys do it?


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On 8/13/2022 at 2:21 PM, Big Rick said:

I suggest the Mustad KVD Grip Pin Hook as well. It does well keeping the toad head in place fish after fish. I started using a dab of super glue as well and the frog seldom rides up the line. 



The super glue is the key. Since I've started using super glue my lures have stuck on the hook better and my stress level has dropped. If you think about how many casts you couldn't make while moving the bait back up the hook again and again...........and again!

12 hours ago, ol'crickety said:

Update: I've fallen in love with bog fishing. Over the last month, I used my Whopper Plopper a lot in the bogs, casting between the pads and using my frog and wacky worms. I'll be bog fishing again tomorrow at two different bogs. My last outing, I only caught three bass and that was six or seven days ago. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, to see if I can crack autumnal bog bass. Someone suggested dropping a heavy fig with plastic into the pads, so I'm going to try that. I'm also going to try a wake bait. 

Heavy Figs never worked for me.....Bass down here are MEAT-Eaters!!!

Grab you one of them ZMan ToadZ like recommended before. They can incite heart stopping explosions.

On 8/13/2022 at 2:22 PM, ol'crickety said:

So, there's a dam at the end of the swampy pond I fished. Below that dam is more pond, which I could see with Google Earth. Well, I cased that pond this morning and found a narrow, bumpy, dirt road to it. It looks amazing, just the right mix of open water and weeds. I'll be fishing it Monday morning, rising at 4:15. So excited! I won't return to the swamp until my new frogs arrive. I did dig out my baitcasting outfit and need to put some braid on it.

The lure and hook manufacturers must love you guys, since you keep sending me to the Internet to buy, buy, buy!

Will do. I've also had really good luck this year trolling my Mepps #3 brass spinner through the open stretches. The bass love that little lure and I love to fish while paddling to the next spot.

Love that Mepps Aglia inline spinner. Nobody uses it down here I'm aware of but it has been productive for me. #3 is my favorite size as well.

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