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Shrink wrap for rod grips

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I just saw shrink wrap for rod handles on another post…. Didn’t want to highjack, it so thought start another one.

I’ve never seen it, is it kind sticky like racketball grip or what? What it’s like when it wet? …….don’t want to cast my rig off in the lake.  Is one brand better than another? Are there any down side to using it? 
Thanks for any input.

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It's major on salt and surf rods (this is a kingfish trolling rod).  


I make indexed-hand-position padded kayak-paddle grips using closed cell foam, spray 3M 77 glue to roll-on the foam, and then X-shrink

(always grab the paddle in the right place and no slip)


and repair splitting foam grip on stake-out pole by simply shrinking over it


I had a wonderful wide-range Japanese finesse rod with a rear grip too small for human hands - intended to split 3rd and little finger on Japanese hands, but on me, it split 2nd and 3rd fingers, and split them wide.  


I tested my build-up first with closed-cell foam and blue masking tape covered in X-shrink to determine if I liked the new shape.  Nice, it's cheap to cut off, re-do and finalize.    

Final form I used beaver-cork tape, which is (much) harder than closed-cell foam, and X-shrink over it - ahhhhh.


The trick to getting X-shrink right is to use boiling water from a tea kettle.  Pour from the middle to each end.  

Amazon sells it in every size and color.  Extreme grip, even wet.  

I've bought 3 different brands there, 5 different sizes I needed, WCER, Aventik, NFLNHB (?) - no differences in quality

(looong surf rod).  

mUy4BEa.jpg MsZI743.jpg

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Bass pro uses this product on several of their rods. I have 2 rods with it and find it very comfortable.

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