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9 Rods and 6 Reels (Spinning & Casting Gear)


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Hey guys, clearing out some of my lesser-used gear. I've bought a bunch of stuff from you all, but this is my first time selling. If you have any questions or comments, please don't be shy. I want to make this a good experience for everyone. If you want to make an offer on multiple items (highly encouraged) please do. I'm willing to ship rods one by one, but it would be way more cost effective for both of us if I could combine multiple rods in one shipment. I've priced all this stuff right around 50% of new. Hopefully that's fair, but make me offers if you want. Anyways, here's what I have:


Rods, in the order of the photo. All are in good shape and have been treated with U40 (prices don't include shipping):

1. Bass Pro Micro Lite MIL70MLS2 Spinning (I have 2 of these, even though only 1 is pictured) - 7' Medium Light Fast Action 2 Piece (2 of them at $30 each)

2-3. Daiwa Tatula TTU610MXS Spinning (two of these, as pictured) - SOLD

4. St. Croix Bass X BAC68MXF Casting - SOLD

5-6. St. Croix Triumph TCR70MF Casting - 7' Medium Fast (2 of them at $50 each)

7. St. Croix Bass X BXC71MHF Casting - SOLD

8. St. Croix Bass X BXC711HMF Casting - SOLD


Reels (all are left hand retrieve) 

1-2. Lews Speed Spool SS1SHLA 7.5:1 (2 of them at $45 each)

3-4. Lews Speed Spool SS1HLA 6.8:1 (2 of them at $45 each)

5. Daiwa Fuego FGCT100XSL ($45)

6. Bass Pro Tournament Special Size 1000 5.2:1 TSZ10 ($15)


That's it. Let me know. 


Ps. Once again, feel free to make offers on multiple items if you want. Thanks. 


2023-11-07 07.51.25.jpg

2023-11-07 07.55.25.jpg

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