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Coventional or Low Pro?

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I spent the final fishable days of '07 and a warm day last week practicing the $35 Wal-Mart special baitsaster I have. It is a cheap 1 BB reel that I figured I'd learn with, buying a cheap reel in case I didn't use it much it wasn;t a big loss. But then I read a few posts that gave the advice to peopl etrying to learn a Bait Caster are better off investing at least $100 for a quality BC which will provide better performance and make learning a little bit easier buy running smoothly. Well, with my few times practicing with my cheapo reel, I have became good at slinging out a 1/2 bait as far as I can without getting a backlask 90% of the time, but I still find it hard to toss a lure at a close up target with aim. I figure if I get a higher quality baitcaster, with more Ball Bearings, learning will become easier and more enjoyable.

I would like to know if I should get a low profile or conventional model. I read A LOT of GREAT reviews of the Abu Ambassadeur, which is a conventional, so I was thinking about getting one of those for around $90, and going from there. I am also thinking about picking up a new spinning reel for a 6' MH Lightin' Rod I have a big Okuma on there that is too heavy and holds too much line.

I originally got the reel to go with a 6'6" Ugly Lite for trolling, so I got a reel that would hold 195 yards of 10# test. Its too big for casting baits for bass though.

I'm thinking about a spinning rod in about the 40-50 dollar range. If you can reccommend a different baitcaster for around $100 I'll appreciate it. I heard that once you use a quality BC reel, it's like night and day compared to a cheap version. I heard casting is smoother and easier, backlashes are fewer, and the overall performance and feel of the reel blows the cheaper models out of the water.



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Just an observation, conventonal and round are not the same thing, the term conventional applies to big game reels.

Which one you should get depends greatly in many things like design, how big your hands are, how the reel sits on the reel seat, how much line capacity you want, reel size and so on. Some would say that round bcs have bigger gears than low profiles, something that 's not entirely true, a Calcutta 50 ( round ) by no means has larger gears than a Curado 200.  ;)

In that price range a Cardiff would be my choice for round BC, it 's small, can carry a good amount of line, sits very low on the reel seat, has ARB bearings, good looks and proven durability and performance.

In that price range I would go for a Citica for Low Profile.

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Raul is right, choosing a round vs. low pro depends on a lot of things. I am partial to the Abu rounds, in particular the C4 series. I do use low pro reels, but I have large hands(and a little nerve issue) that make them uncomfortable to me alot of times. I learned to cast/fish on rounds and just have more confidence in my use of them. For $90 dollars, I would recommend the Abu Garcia 5600C4(the blue and gold). Abu has a rebate going on the C3s, C4s and Records. If you buy it for $79.95 or more(the 5600C4 is usually $84.95 most places) you can get a rebate check for $15. Now for spinning reels and rods, I don't use them much but I do have a few preferences. For high end, I like St. Croix rods and the Abu Garcia Cardinal 800. For lower end , I love Lightning Rods and Abu Garcia Cardinal 3(green with rear fulcrum drag). I also have a new Shimano Symetre 2500 rear drag, that I am really enjoying it.

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