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which one of these 2 rods would use for a designated smallmouth rod

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Save the $150 or whatever and go with the Bronzeback! Or, save another $70 and get an Avid. Or get a LTB like the drop shot rod. There are lots of good, expensive sticks out there.  I really do like those Bronzeback Loomis rods though!

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Unless you have money flowing out of your wallet like a Vegas Strip Casino Jackpot... don't get the Steez.  My fellow fishing buddy purchased the Steez you're looking at... i've tried it out... he's tried it out... and he returned it within 30 days because it is just way too d**n overpriced.  I agree... get the GLoomis Bronzeback.  Not being BPS biased here, but the Johnny Morris Sig. series rod is also one dam nice rod.  I purchased one recently, and to be honest, i think it outperforms the Steez.  Not sure about the elite series JMS rod... but nonetheless

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Your choices are too light for me. My designated smallmouth rod is a

G. Loomis GLX PR844S, live bait and "moving" soft plastics (GYCB 5"

Single Tail Grubs, Kreature and Silver Buddy).

My designated rod for other soft plastics is a St. Croix Legend Elite,

ES70MF. These are currently on sale at Reed's Family Outdoors.


Both rods are matched up with Stella 2500FB reels and #6 Yo-Zuri

Hybrid Ultra Soft.


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