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Some help choosing my next setup?

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Hey guys, first post here.  Been lurking around for bit and have gained quite a bit of useful knowledge.  

I have 3 setups currently.  2 spinning rods.  One is a 6'6 medium action rated for 6-12 lb test.  I generally use this pole for senko's, top waters poppers and any other lighter baits as I haven't really mastered the bait caster yet.  My second spinning rod setup is a medium heavy that i will generally use for crank baits.  

I also have a bait caster; 6'6 lure weight 1/4 - 5/8 oz line weight 8-17lb power: med. action: fast

The reel is a 7.1:1 high speed.  I use this for buzz baits and spinner baits.  

I want to get into jigs and swim baits this year.  I am looking into a 7' bait caster.  Is it possible to get a rod/reel setup that will work ok for both of these presentations?  I can't really afford to buy 2 more setups and I need one that can throw heavier baits.  What should I look into?  I was thinking of putting braid on the reel for jigs and when I wanted to throw a swim bait I could add a flourocarbon leader.  

Would this be ok until I could afford another set up or should I hold off on either the swim baits or jigs for now?  I have about $170 to spend.

Sorry for the long winded post.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  

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Hey Dan,

Welcome to the forum!! You will certainly learn a lot hanging around here. You should make a post on the introduction page so we can welcome you properly.

As for a light swimbait rig to use for also fishing jigs, here's your reel


And here's your rod...


You have come to the right place. I hope this is helpful.


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Welcome. I think the rod alpster put is a great rod for what you need but you should probably use a low profile baitcaster that has good cast control.



or this


I have heard great things about both reels.

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I would prefer the leverage on the cast that round BC reel gives you.  When getting into baits in the 3+ ounce range, it can be difficult to control the spool when loading the rod during the cast.  Also, that Cardiff has a both a cast control knob and a far superior breaking system than that BPS Extreme.  My preference would be for a 200 series reel though.

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