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Help on Lake Anna

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I have fished Lake Anna maybe 15 times. I have had very little luck out there. The most luck I had was fishing Valentine Cove in the cold of winter this year. I was throwing a 12" red shad color "Culprit" worm carolina rigged, and I bagged a decent 4 lb lmb but other then that I get very discouraged out there. So any help would be greatly appriciated. I'm trying to become a better fisherman. All the advise I've gotten here before has really helped me out so I'm looking for some more good advise.

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On any lake with docks those should be the places you hit hard when you have little confidence( like you getting discouraged) or little experiance on a lake. They almost always will be bass on the docks. I have a spot that is good in the fall but i do not know how good it is now although i hear the dike three area is productive. But mainly stick to the docks with shakeyheads,wackyworms, and jigs (green tones for all of them ) Hope you catch alot ;D

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I think valetine cove is in the southern part of the lake down by the dam . I would try going in  these simalar type coves and sight fishing. I know the fish are on beds down south right now , not sure about the rest of the lake. Get as far away from them and try to cast w/o spooking them. Remember to try and concentrate on shade during sunny days.The shaky, senkos , etc.. that were suggested before will work just fine.

Anna is a highly pressured lake, but they don't catch them all.

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