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Pohick Bay Help 9/2/08

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Hey guys despite all the Labor Day traffic (including on the water), my dad and I are going to go to an area where there are less pleasure boaters than the norm (aside from sailboats)... Pohick Bay.  We will be launching here early early am.  Does anybody have any recommendations on where to head as far as direction wise?  I am pretty sure I remember hearing about this time last year that grass mats/frog patterns work well here.  I was also told the holes are few and far between so looking for places to pitch/flip can be intimidating.  

I know the weather will dictate things as well but this front moving through should be out of here by tommorrow afternoon and weather looks failry stable Saturday afternoon through Monday/Tuesday so we should have fairly good conditions.

Anyone been catching em' out here lately?  We will probably spend time on the mats and working shoreline structure if we can get close enough (indentations and cuts) as there is quite a bit of wood in some areas to throw to.  Have only fished here out of a canoe once and from shore a few times.  I've had luck with senkos here and small rattle traps depending on the time of year.  Any other ideas fellas?

Thanks for the input in advance.

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Potomac, labor day ::)? what a zoo should hit the ponds thats what I am gonna do

Sail boats are annoying they always call out the rules of the road when your away from the shore "sail over power" :-/

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