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What not to do in the winter time

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I feel i have made a fatal mistake, yes while tinkering with my boat. pumps, hoses, etc. I thought what the hell it wont hurt nuthin, so i hook up the muffs fire up the ole evinrude. sure enough she fires right off (hasnt been started since feb)  get it warmed up and just sit there leaning on the cowling smellin the smoke. which im sure that isnt healthy at all but apparently the baitmonkey loves it. spent the rest of the day in my coveralls flippin and pitch at pecans in my yard that havnt been picked up, and christmas lights that havnt been taken off the trees. i think it actually slowed time down cause our first tourney is at the end of this month.  my wife has taken my debit card and has threatend to leave me if i go to academy again. so TAKE HEED. Do NOT start ur boat untill your next trip is a day or two away. I LOVE THE SMELL OF 2 STROKE IN THE MORNIN!!! ;) :'( :'( :'( :'( ;)

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FlukenLizard, rather than wait for a tournament at month's end, I'd bundle up and get out on the lake and relieve some of that anticipation.   ;)

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