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I just wanted to have a thread where each time I build a video, after I post it I can add a copy of it here.  This just makes the URL's much easier for me to find and if someone needed to find one of my old ones for whatever reason, now they won't have to search pages and pages looking for the one they want.

Click Blue/GREEN/maroon to view video and RED to read the thread


Ghetto Bassin' (music by G. Benson)Thread here

kickoffo8 (music by Nickelback)Thread here

Lunkerville Episode- World Fishing Network


FALL FEED 07 (music by Onyx)

CAST FOR KIDS-Providence '07  (music by Natalie Merchant) Thread here

Mid Season Compilation (music by Fuel)  Thread here

Members video V- (music by Dave Matthews Band)

Thread here

Season opener 07- (music by Mingo Fishtrap)  Thread here

Members Video IV (music by Mingo Fishtrap)  Thread here

2nd annual BassResource.com Roadtrip-lake Fork (music by Mingo Fishtrap)  Thread here

Captain Bob (stripers)


Hawg_Hunter/LBH '06 wrap up (music by: Saliva)

Testimonial for *** (music by Mingo Fishtrap)  No Thread

Members Video III  (music by Heavy Metal Horns)  Thread Here

CAST event in Providence,RI ( music by UB40) Thread is here

Last call for '06 (music by: The Doors) Thread here

New Member- NATHAN JAMES (Music by Nickelback)Thread Here

Round 3 (music by non-fiction)Thread Here

Late Fall Fishing  (music by Blues Traveler)   Thread Here

The Day after   (music by Disrurbed/Black Crows)  Thread Here

Fall Godsmack compilation- (music by Godsmack) Thread here

Fall Patterns (music by Mingo Fishtrap)  Thread is here

The Jordans No Thread

Members Video II (music by Tower of power and Crossfire) Thread Here

Hot fun in the summertime-(music by Chaka Kahn/Manhattan transfer  "summer breeze" by Main Ingredient)  Thread here

July-deep grass plastics  (music by Darius Rucker[Hootie]) Thread Here

4th of July weekend (music by Motley Crue)  Thread Link

Amtrak Bass-PB (music by Mingo Fishtrap-Heart attack)   Thread link

Day of doubles (music by Heavy Metal Horns)  Thread Link

Visiting Redtail- Harvard, Mass. (music by: Heavy Metal Horns)  Thread Link

Members video I (music by: Mingo Fishtrap)  Thread Link

Senko 77's visit  (music by: Reel Big Fish)  Thread Link

Fishing with Redtail (music by: John Mayer-Herbie Hancock)  Thread Link

Easter day '06 (music by:Matisyahou)  Thread Link

Fish migrating-wait is over (music:Charlie Brown theme song by Dave Matthews)  Thread Link


swim jiggin' in real cold water (music by: Rage against the machine)

2005 intro (music by: Puddle of mudd)

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Growing up I had a friend that continously photographed our trips and other endevors, this was still durring the 8mm, maybe the beginning of the huge video casset camera era, so about all we had were 35mm stills. Since he did become a professional photographer he always carried at least one camera, so I still have books full of prints through out the years. He always wanted us to make a movie before he died and would have absalutely loved your videos and brings back those times everytime I see one. They're great.

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Glad they can trigger some smiles for you mudpuppy!

They are such a great way to "remember".  

I know what it's like to watch someone elses because, as you guys know, HawgHunter is making them each time he goes too, but they are even better to the people in them.  Totally brings back the day


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I like your "wave" to the other boaters in your video with Senko, LBH.  ;D

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These are the videos I aspire to make.  Might help if I had someone to run the camera instead of putting it on the back deck on a tripod.

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Burley, that's actually a great way to do it, especially if you have the memory to record the whole outting or if you have a remote for your camera like lightninrod.

If you guys like watching them, Imagine if it was you in all of them.  I can't tell you how cool it is to have all these now that winter is here and we get to look back on the season.  There are jokes, incidents,etc, that would have been easily forgotten if not captured on film.  When I die, I plan to have more, personalized footage than Jerry Mcginnis!


I can't encourage you guys enough to give this a try if you have the tools.  I am always here and will answer any questions I can.  I'm no pro, but I'll share what I know.  (great motto for this site,lol)  Many of you got digital cameras and camcorders for xmas and I hope you really plan on using them this year.

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LBH, awesome videos.  Helps on days when you just can't out to go fishing!

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