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Nice lure or so I thought!

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Decided to hit one of my local condo association lakes this morning. Got there around 6:00 and the lake was pretty calm, no movement visible :( I walked over to the first picnic table and as I'm putting my backpack down I notice a crawfish lure on the floor. Cool :D So I reach over to pick it up and it moves! What the :o It was alive!! I didnt realize there were craws in these Miami lakes! Awesome ;D I quickly scooped him up and put him in a small tackle box. Figured I could use him later. Then my brother showed up and we got to fishing. We started working the lake and both caught a couple of dinks on senkos and a small swimbait. Then a group of fish came into view and they all looked to be in the 3lb range. I figured these would be the fish to throw my one and only crawfish too ;) I hooked him by the tail and cast it out. It got hit almost immediately and I was sure I had one of those bass but nope, but it was some kind of cool looking large cichlid. Crazy ;D Not too much happened after that fish killed the craw but it was still cool use the crawfish! The pic below is another fish I caught last weekend. Not sure what it is but it hit a Chart crankbait. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads on the forum!


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