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Meet your Lake #2

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Your new lake is a low land resevoir that is apx 50,000 acres in size. You have 525 miles of shoreline to work with. Plenty of shallow water less than 10" deep and reaches out more than 200' from the bank in some places. You will also have sub-merged weeds in the 5-20 foot range also. All banks execpt at the heads of the rivers and creeks are gradual slopes. Deepest part of the lake is apx 120' deep near the dam, but not at the dam. There are 3 main tributaries feeding in to the resevoir, and 4 smaller ones average depth of the feeders is 30'.

Water Temp: 52-56 degrees

Water Color: Clear to slightly stained

Forms of Cover: Hydrilla, coontail, grass, and some submerged stumps.

Forms of Structure: Humps, points, creek channels,

ditches, and flats

Forage: Shad, crawfish, perch, and bluegill

Specises of Bass: Largemouth, spottedbass, and striper

Weather Pattern for the week:

Mon: Rain and highs near 45

Tue: Mostly sunny highs near 50

Wed: Mostly Sunny highs near 55

Thu: Mostly Sunny highs near 55

Fri: Scattered showers highs in lower 60's with winds from the WSW @ 15mph

Sat: Mostly sunny highs in upper 50's with a west wind @ 10mph

Sun: Partly cloudy highs in mid 60's with a WSW wind @ 10mph.

Mon: Rain with temps in the high 50's

You are fishing two days. You are fishing both Saturday and Sunday. It is a tournament that you have already paid your entry fee and you don't want to loose the cash. (Some folks refused to fish last time without it being a tourney, so this one is. LOL)

Alrighty folks here is your new lake, and all the prevailing conditions. How are you going to catch your fish. Remember the devil is in the details. The little green fish are finicky at best this time of year.

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Guest basskid17

there are a couple of different techniques possible. with the estimated winds on both days, a spinnerbait would most likely be the best choice. slow-roll white/chartruese spinnerbait in the creek channels... fish outside edges of the weed lines for any active bass with a spinnerbait... if there are weedbeds on the flats, you could also throw a rat-l-trap and tick the top of the weeds.  also, throw a jerkbait near the bank because if the run-off from friday muddies the water, they could become really active and i like a jerkbait after a nice spring rain.  a lot of what i do depends on how active the fish are... if the fish are inactive then i like a jig worked on some of the submerged stumps

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