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Getting to know the BassResource Staff


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  • BassResource.com Administrator

The Mods and I wanted to help each of the members, new and old, get to know us better. We don't want to only be viewed as the cops of the forums because that's not how we feel. We will always be members first and Mods when we have to be. So we asked the members to ask us questions.  We received a terrific response.  Following are the answers to those questions.

Thanks for your help and thanks for being members of the best bass fishing forum.

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Name: Kent Smith

Age: 39 and holding (for 16 years)

City/State: Germantown, TN

Occupation: Investment Banking

Education: Master of Business Administration Degree, University of Missouri

Yrs Fishing: Always, but more seriously since 1997

Preferred Style (describe a typical, quality day):

Floating live bait on a river is my favorite way to fish.

Most of my river fishing is focused on striper, smallmouth

bass and German brown trout. The majority of my largemouth

fishing is at local ponds using artificial lures exclusively.


Fav food: BBQ Ribs, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw and Texas toast.

Fav movie: The Terminator series.

Fav quote: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

The famous quote from President Ronald Reagan

which effectively ended the Cold War.


Fav bait: Jerkbaits as a class, Lucky Craft Pointer 128 specifically.

Fav set up (rod/reel):

Spinning: G.Loomis GLX PR844S/ Shimano Stella 2500FB

Baitcaster: G.Loomis GLX MBR844C/ Shimano CTE200GT

Fav lake: Bull Shoals

Fav river: Tennessee

10 Questions from Members input

1. How do you find the time to work, spend time with your family, go

fishing, and still be logged onto the website and patrol all the posts?

I have two computers which I am on all day. Sometimes I have work

to do, but the rest of the time I stay on the website.

2. What is your fishing background/experience?

I started serious bass fishing when I discovered the GYCB Senko

in 1997. I liked bass fishing a lot better when I started catching

biggun's consistantly! In July, 2001 I met an avid striper fisherman,

Speedy Madewell, who has become my best friend and fishin' buddy.

We try to fish every Saturday, throughout the year.

3. What have been your best experiences when fishing?

Netting and weighing a 10 lb smallmouth for Speedy,

which he released!

4. Give us a play by play of a typical, lets say, Tuesday for you?

What time do you get up? Work? Fishing? Family? How do you relax

at the end of a long day at work?

Up around 4-4:30, check on the website and smoke a few cigaretts

until 6:00. Work through lunch to around 4:30, then go grocery

shopping every afternoon. I do all of the cooking at my house,

which includes a "special" dinner featuring a different theme every

evening. I have an occasional cocktail, but cooking requires wine

consumption, so it's usually just wine which doesn't count!

Now do that same for a Saturday?

I'm usually on the Tennessee River before sun-up and fish

until black dark.

5. What experience do you have fishing elsewhere other than home areas?

I fish several times a year at Bull Shoals and plan to attend every

BR Roadtrip! Last year was Lake Fork, this year Guntersville and

next year, Kentucky Lake.

6. Is it still as much fun for you as it was in the beginning of your tenors?

More fun now than ever before!

7. Do you guys get free stuff? Lures, line, rods, reels, etc...?

Some from our advertisers and occasionally for trial.

8. What part of being a Mod here do each of you enjoy most and least?

Most: Answering questions that I actually have answers for!

Least: Anything involving members getting heated up about

something that is "a matter of opinion".

9. What is your favorite besides bass?

Striper for sure, but BIG German browns are

almost as special as smallmouth.

10. Do you guys rotate as to who needs to be on line at any

given time? Or does everyone just look in whenever they get


We kinda have schedules that we have developed, but nothing

formal. I'm usually onboard during the day, Monday through

Friday, but infrequently at night or on weekends.

Fav hobbies other than fishing:

Cooking and gardening (flowers). With cooking, sauces are my

specialty and grilling is my style. With gardening, my wife and

I have successive blooms in very different and specific color

schemes from February through late November. Color, height,

depth and texture are all important aspects of our garden.

10 People you respect and/or admire:

Well, my all-time hero is President Ronald Reagan, but more

generally, hard working men that have a commitment to God,

Family and Country.

Turn ons:

Honest and courageous family men that still know how to have fun.

Fishing, Hunting, NASCAR, NFL Football, Country Music and Dallas

Cowboy Cheerleaders!

Turn offs: Dishonesty of any kind.

Aspirations: One little brown fish about 12-1.


What are some of the major factors that have affected

your life. A brief history to help us understand the road

you traveled to become the person you are today. Please

include influences.

After college I became a banker and married my wife,

now celebrating thirty-one years together. In 1978 I ran

for office as a state legislator. At that time I had the

privilege of meeting and working with John Ashcroft,

Kit Bond, John Danforth and "Governor" Reagan.

These men made a strong impression on my life.


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  • BassResource.com Administrator

Name: Keri May

Age: Really?

City/State: Maple Valley, Washington

Occupation: Division SOX Compliance Manager

Education: Computer Science, Jr. College. 30 years in Aerospace

Yrs Fishing: 20 (Bass)

Preferred Style (describe a typical, quality day):

This depends on where we are and what fish want. Typically I like to start a day with a Frog, Spinner bait or Crank bait or top water then work to plastics.


Fav food: Steak and Seafood.

Fav movie: One Flew Over the Coo Coo's Nest and many more I cannot list them all.

Fav quote:

To accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe.

Anatole France



Fav bait:

Zoom Horny Toad and of course anything that catches fish.

Fav set up (rod/reel):

This is tough, I love smooth baitcaters, and the rod depends on how I'm fishing. I have no particular favorite.

Fav lake:

Columbia River (Wallula Pool)

7 Questions from Members input

1. How do you find the time to work, spend time with your family, go fishing, and still be logged onto the website and patrol all the posts?

I'm not a moderator and have no desire to be. I like to read posts and learn from our members. We are blessed to have such knowledge at our finger tips.

2. What is your fishing background/experience?

I've always loved to fish and worked for a guide in Alaska but Bass entered my life when I met Glenn. Glenn got me started and now I can't stop. I blame him. ;)

3. What have been your best experiences when fishing?

First and foremost was my first tournament win on the Columbia River (just a club event but hey beating the men is always priceless). Honestly I love to just go fish and spend time on the water, some days I just like to sit on the boat deck and take it in.

4. Give us a play by play of a typical, let's say, Tuesday for you? What time do you get up? Work? Fishing? Family? How do you relax at the end of a long day at work?

I drag myself out of bed at 5 to 5:30am (snooze is my friend). I make coffee, lunches and get out the door at 7am. Typically work is 7:30 to 4:30; I work with a team of coordinators that are great to see every day. I really mean that, I could not ask for a better group. We usually don't fish during the week due to time constraints but we spend the evening together. I make dinner (I love to cook) and we talk about our day. To relax I usually have a glass of wine and play on the web. I just realized I'm pretty boring... ;)

Now do that same for a Saturday?

Well that depends on three things. First if we are staying home, I like to sleep as much as possible and then get house work done or just do nothing and relax, maybe a movie. Second is if we are fishing we get up and get moving to the lake as early as possible. Third would be if we are at a tournament, then it's well a tournament, I don't think I need to explain this one.

5. Do you guys rotate as to who needs to be on line at any given time? Or does everyone just look in whenever they get time.

I look/read when I get the time, breaks, lunch and evenings.

6. What is your favorite besides bass?

None, I like bass but love to eat Salmon and Halibut.

7. Specifically for Keri: How do you cope with Glenn since he has risen to the status of a bass fishing god?

Trust me he's not a god. He farts just like the rest of us. ;D

Fav hobbies other than fishing:

Cooking, horseback riding, football, NASCAR, a little baseball

10 People you respect and/or admire:

This is a tough one. I respect and admire lots of people and not in any particular order. Let's just say I like good people who are genuine and true to life. I hate people who think they are better than the little guy and respect no one.

Turn ons:

Beautiful mornings, calm days and large bass, topped off with beautiful evenings. Oh when my favorite NASCAR driver wins.

Turn offs:

Bad weather Days and when my favorite NASCAR driver crashes, last but not least being around bad people.


To remain as happy as I am today and Live every day with grace and a smile.


What are some of the major factors that have affected your life? A brief history to help us understand the road you traveled to become the person you are today. Please include influences.

I believe there are daily factors that affect one's life. If I had to choose one I would say the day my husband proposed. That is when life became truly remarkable, I love sharing my days, dreams and daily stories with him.

In short, I was born in Bellingham Washington and grew for the most part in Kennewick Washington. I've also lived in Oregon, California and Alaska but traveled to just about every state. Our family moved a lot so now I'm very thankful to be in one place, I love our home and I hate moving. However I would like to go somewhere where the bass are more plentiful (warmer weather), maybe after we retire.

My first job was Cashiering at a car wash but I've had many jobs from Bartending, Computer Programming, Document Control, and Program Management, Estimating, and SOX Compliance. I did manage to get through Jr. College on a Cashier's wages and I have to credit the owners of the car wash for allowing me to go to school and keep me working. I've always had a strong work ethic and believe you get what you put into it. Hard work pays off.

As for fishing I've always been a competitive person and set my goals high especially when it comes to competing. This can get me in trouble sometimes but the older I get the more I'm in control. I hate to lose, LOL. I just hope to be competitive and with BR and all my friends I will be.

I'm blessed with a strong family that helps keep me grounded. Even though my parents are divorced my mom, dad and step mom are the best, I love them all. Like many families ours has been through good and bad times but we always, always keep going. I believe my father influenced me the most in my life and if I could be more like him I would, he is my hero. :)













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  • BassResource.com Administrator

Name: Glenn May

Age: Old Enough

city/state: Maple Valley, WA

Occupation: Search Marketing Director

Education: 2 degrees and several post-grad certifications.

yrs fishing: Over 50, almost all bass fishing. I started bass fishing before I could walk. Aside from taking time away from it during my teens, I've been bass fishing the whole time. But I've also dabbled in salmon, trout, grayling, halibut, flounder, walleye, catfish, bream, crappie, and ling cod fishing.

preferred style (describe a typical, quality day): I prefer power fishing. I like covering a lot of water, looking for aggressive bass. Spinnerbaits are my go to lures. But like most, I love a good topwater bite too.


Fav food:
Seafood - particularly shellfish, Good southern BBQ, Steak, Thai, Mexican

Fav movie: Too many to list, but I mostly like comedies, action, and old WWII movies.

Fav quote: It's amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares who gets the credit. Jack Roush


Fav bait: Spinnerbait

Fav set up (rod/reel): Custom-made rod and a baitcaster with a smooth, strong drag.

Fav lake: Potholes Reservior

10 Questions from Members:

1. Where and when did you actually come across these characters that you have for Mods???

When I set out to recruit the moderators, I wanted to keep it small. That still holds true today. Too many cooks in the kitchen spell disaster. I started at a high level and looked for balance. I wanted representation of the membership. Some people are really into tournaments, while others just want to relax and enjoy the outdoors, while still others love the social aspects of it. It goes on and on from there, but essentially I want the Mod Squad to mirror the mix of the membership.

Once I identify an open niche, I look at the folks among the membership who represent that segment, and who truly exhibit the culture and values of the forums. They also have to be passionate about the sport and the site. I also look for somebody who will fit well within the team. This is why I also look to the existing mods to offer their recommendations.

From there, it's a gut feeling. I hand-pick a few candidates and open a dialog with them to see if they're interested, and to find out their technical skill level and comfort. The result is what you see today - an elite Mod Squad.

We love this site, have a passion for it and the sport of bass fishing, and that's why we do what we do.

2. The rate of BR growth has been unbelievably rapid over the past few years. What are the benefits and drawbacks of this quick growth?
The benefits are tremendous. I get to learn from some of the most knowledgeable and experienced anglers in the world. Plus I've had the honor of meeting many members in person. Every person I've met has been down-to-earth, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor. It's very exciting to see more and more outstanding people come through the door every day.

In addition, the things people do for each other, even complete strangers, just amazes me. From giving kids tackle, to helping the disabled and disadvantaged go out fishing, to raising money to help somebody thousands of miles away pay for hospital and other bills. I've seen some of the most awesome displays of the human spirit here. It goes way beyond fishing. In addition, watching beginners learn and grow while experienced anglers coach and mentor them; and forum members meeting and going fishing together. That's what it's all about. I'm simply blown away by how much this site has affected so many people in such a positive manner.

As for the drawbacks, hosting issues for the site used to be the #1 problem. The sheer volume of people on the site demands a very expensive hosting setup. The growth of the sponsors solved that problem by enabling a more robust system. I could finally afford the setup this site demands, so the slowness issues have finally gone away.

Aside from that, the popularity of the site has attracted a few negative people as well. But the mods and I quickly handle them. Popularity attracts all types.

3. How do you police the site and how has that changed as the number of members has grown?
The way and manner that I police the site hasn't changed that much over the years. I log on as often as possible each day and read the posts just like you. In addition to taking in the dialog, I look for tone and rule violations and enforce as necessary. As the forums grew, I couldn't read all the new posts, so I added moderators to keep up with the growth. The mod squad does a tremendous job here keeping things running smoothly. If you only knew the half of it!

What are the most common no-nos you have to enforce? It's mostly people trying to spam the site. You never see it because we're very much on top of it every day. Occasionally we have to stop or prevent fights, but that's a distant second.

4. What made you decide to run a BR forum and do you get paid for it?
Back when I first became interested in designing Web pages, I decided to build a site dedicated to bass fishing (my passion). I started out by looking at other bass fishing sites for ideas and inspiration. Unfortunately, all I found were sites that said, "Hi, this is me, and I love bass fishing. Here are my links." And they all linked to each other!

That was back in '95.

I quickly realized there weren't any sites out there that contained information - articles and tools to help bass anglers learn more about fishing. So that's when I decided it was time for somebody to do it.

I decided I would teach myself programming and design, focusing my attention on building a site for bass enthusiasts. Back then, my only goal was to build something to use in my portfolio so I could land a job in my new career choice (back then, I was working in television). I had no idea the journey I was about to embark on.

After year and half, several redesigns, and many mistakes, the site was launched in early '97 with a fistful of articles I managed to scrounge up from various sources.

As soon as the site launched, it immediately had 400 visitors on the first day. It took a week to catch the attention of Debra Dean, publisher of Honey Hole magazine (Texas). She was so impressed with the site she wrote me saying, "Tell you what, you can use anything you like from our site or the magazine. I have not given such permission to anyone else, so you're getting the only rights to do so."

Little did I know I was getting the endorsement of a well-established organization. Years later, BassResource.com is still the only website with reproduction rights to 7 years worth of HoneyHole articles, despite numerous requests from other organizations.

Other industry leading publications have followed in HoneyHole's footsteps including Pond Boss magazine, with its informative articles on warm water management and biology.

In addition, the website gained the respect and interest of numerous professional anglers, guides and outdoor writers, who began contributing more articles and ideas for the site.

I had very basic forums set up at that time, which received very little traffic or attention. As popular as the site was, the forums just weren't producing as well as I knew they could. So I started looking for answers.

I spent a lot of time researching forums - everything from moderating and administering them, to evaluating the myriad of software options. While I educated myself, I narrowed the search down to 3 forum programs, and spent over a year beta-testing them. Once a winner was chosen, I went to work on the design. That work built the foundation for what you see today.

Much to my surprise, the forums became much more popular than I imagined! There's so many great people here now, helping each other, coaching, and just laughing it up... I keep shaking my head in disbelief. The caliber of people that are here simply blows me away. The forums have also attracted many quality writers too (you can find their articles here on the site). There has even been a few people volunteer to help run the site and create more features. Amazing.

You guys and gals are terrific! You are what make these forums so great. I just provide a place for you to meet. You make the rest happen. I am truly impressed with the intelligence, the enormous flow of information, and genuine respect for each other exhibited in these forums.

5. Is BR profitable?
On paper, 2008 is the first year it was "profitable", which makes Uncle Sam happy. However, in no way does it even begin to make up for the debt accrued for paying thousands of dollars each year out of my own wallet over the past 12 years, not to mention the thousands of hours I've dedicated to this site without ever being paid a dime for it. I'm just glad that I'm finally free from footing the bill for the operating expenses. I'm also fortunate in that it pays for business expenses such as trips to the Classic and ICAST. Whatever profit is left over after paying operating expense is invested back into the site. I still do this as a volunteer.

The sponsors on the site are here for 2 reasons: 1. I needed to find a way to pay for the operating expenses or shut down the site; 2. I want to help further the sport, and part of that involves helping companies in the industry succeed.

6. Will you sell BR in the future, being it's growing every day?
Nope! Not at all. I have no desire to sell out. I never started this site with the intent of selling it, and that has never changed. If I wanted to sell it, I would have back in '99 when I was getting absurd offers almost every day. Now I get 1 or 2 unsolicited offers a month, which I quickly delete as soon as they hit the in box. I love what I do here. You can't buy that.

7. Where do you see BR 10 years from now?
Wow, that's a tough question. If you had asked me that 10 years ago, I never would have dreamt it would be as big as it is today.

10 years from now? It'd be great to have a TV series that focuses on helping people become better anglers. It would be an extension of the site. I'd also like to see BassResource become more of a conduit for bringing together the sport and helping it grow.

8. Do you have a Profit Sharing Plan for BR that the members can invest in?
As I mentioned above, there really isn't any profit to share. The people who run this are an all-volunteer corp, including myself. Any money "made" goes into operational costs and paying off debt accrued over the years.

That said, the knowledge and camaraderie shared and gained here is worth more than money can buy.

9. What is the ultimate goal of BassResource?
To help bass enthusiasts of all skill levels become better anglers, and to help grow the sport of bass fishing.

10. What changes or enhancements are in the works for the next year?
I have a saying, Under-promise and over-deliver. In keeping with the spirit of that motto, I won't discuss upcoming enhancements. Suffice to say, I'm always looking for ways to improve the site, and will launch those improvements when they're ready.

Fav hobbies other than fishing:
Football, horseback riding, NASCAR, website design & usability, and Internet marketing.

10 People you respect and/or admire:
That's a tough one. Listing just 10 people would mean leaving out many more. Suffice to say, I hold high regard for people who work hard to follow their dream and passion, and become successful at it. And when they become wildly successful, they always remain humble and make you feel important around them. People who treat others with dignity and respect are true gems, and that can be anyone. You don't have to be rich to be that guy. I've met many a poor person with those qualifications that I admire greatly.

Turn ons:
Glass smooth water on a warm spring morning; days when fishing is easy; my wife; good friends, good food, and good times.

Turn offs: People who play the victim card or don't take responsibility for their actions. I don't like gossip or conspiracy theories either.

To be a great leader. Leaders don't manage. Leaders empower, inspire, and influence others. As a leader, it's their job to guide their company to meet its current and future goals. True leaders are self-directed and have clear vision. They create ideas based on their values and create teams who share those values. Great things start to happen when a company is built on a leader's integrity and strength. I hope to be that leader someday.

I also want to be the best husband I can be for my wife.


My own personal experience has been personal growth through adversity! My family was poor. I can remember trips to the food bank and second-hand stores. So I learned early on to appreciate the small things in life others sometime take for granted.

I was a latch-key child at age 10, so I learned to become self-reliant and responsible for myself at an early age.

My dad taught me to do things right, rather than doing just enough to get by. My mom taught me about financial responsibility and treating others with respect.

I starting working as a paperboy at age 15, getting up at 3:30am to deliver papers before going to school. When I turned 16, I started working at a grocery store after school. I worked full time while going through college, and worked 2 full time jobs simultaneously to pay off the debt after I graduated. Through it all, I developed a very strong work ethic.

In my 20's, I surrounded myself with a group of fishermen who were much older than me (some were retired). I did this on purpose so that I could learn from them. Some of them became my mentors. They helped me grow up and become an adult, and taught me a lot about life that classrooms cannot.  There's something to be said about learning from retired executives, engineers, and businessmen.  They're a wealth of knowledge.

The best lessons I've learned are from the mistakes I've made in the past. Every mistake is a learning opportunity, not a failure.

These traits have given me the tools to be successful in my job, this site, and at home. But it took a lot of hard work to get there, and I don't forget the sacrifices I made. Humility and staying grounded are characteristics I strive to achieve.

By far, the best thing that's happened to me is marrying Keri. She has been a terrific influence on my life, and has been very supportive of me. She loves bass fishing, NASCAR, and football, plus she's an incredible chef. What more can I ask for?! It took me nearly 40 years to find her, but she was worth the wait!







With former Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks LB Will Herring


With Clay Dyer

With NASCAR driver Ryan Newman

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  • Super User

Great Bios!  One question for Glenn.  From photos I've seen of you, I always pictured you as average size.  I've always pictured Ryan Newman as short and stocky.  Is he really that big?

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  • BassResource.com Administrator
Great Bios! One question for Glenn. From photos I've seen of you, I always pictured you as average size. I've always pictured Ryan Newman as short and stocky. Is he really that big?

I'm 5' 8", he's about 6'.

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Nice bio's of everybody. Lot's of interesting info. Getting to meet most of ya'll at the roadtrip in person was better though.  :)


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  • Super User
Great Bios! One question for Glenn. From photos I've seen of you, I always pictured you as average size. I've always pictured Ryan Newman as short and stocky. Is he really that big?

I'm 5' 8", he's about 6'.

Meeting Glenn and RW at the Roadtrip made me feel like a giant....LOL   ;)

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Great post. I already feel like this forum is my fishing family, and being able to get to know the mods really makes me feel more at home.

Thanks Glenn and to all the people who make this the best place to go on the internet

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Name: The BaitMonkey

Age: Older than dirt, I,s born a split second after feeshin was invented

City/State/Country/Planet/Galaxy: I,s omnipresent, wherever in this universe there 's fish to be caught and anglers ketchin 'em I,s there, dat includes aternative realities.

Occupation: aw c 'cmon ....... ya 'lls knows mys occupation

Education: I knows vrythin ther 's to kno 'bout tackle past, present n 'future

Yrs fishing: I,s don 't feesh for feesh, I feesh for ur wallet, ur will, ur thoughts ur desires

Prefered Style: it depends on whatever style I,s need to get to u


Favorite food: weeeelllllll, they don 't call me "Ole Banana Breath" for nuthin.

Fav movie: "Two grumpy old men"

Fav quote: " You can never have 'nuff tackle " by guess who ?


Fav bait: all of 'em

Fav setup: all of 'em

Fav Lake: any

Fav river: any

Fav hobbies other than fishing

I,s said: I 'm omnipresent, I,s got multiple personalities, you pick the hobby you like and I 'll be there. ( just ask Redlinerobert and his friends that collect fancy cars )

People you respect an/or admire

I,s a sucker for any hobbyst

Turn ons:

Whenever I,s see somebody ready to purchase tackle, man I,s drool like a rabid dawg when I,s read urs posts about askin for suggestions.

Turn offs:

Ha ! u think I 'm that easy to turn off ?


To make ya 'll a more victimized victim


I,s always there, u can never run from me, I,s impossible to dodge nor to stop, u 'll always be mys client. Get it ? now get over it and accept ur faith.


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I'm glad I took the time to read all the bios.  I enjoyed reading every single one.  You guys are an excellent team.  I hope to make it on one of the road trips within the next few years (if I have the funds, that is), so I can meet you guys and personally thank you for the excellent site.

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