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Cook's Tackle System?

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Has anyone tryed this system in there boat?  I think there are other systems out there not sure what they are! But a friend has this Cook's system in his boat and it sure is COOL! I just wanted some feed back good or bad on them before I would place a order! ;)

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I have had them on 2 different boats & like them. I use them for spinner & buzz baits, Jigs, Johnson spoons etc. They work well in rough water as my baits stay put.

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I custom made my own from a 6' peice of 1.5" aluminum angle.

Cut it to fit with a hacksaw.  Mark and drill holes 1/8" dia every 1/2' or so.  Then screw it to the rod box or tackle compartment lid with stainless panhead screws.

Works great and helps dry your lures out before you put them back in the boxes.  No more rusty hooks.  

Also you can get some of the shower curtain clips (like they use for golf towels) and hang other things like packs of soft plastics or packs of hooks, pliers, etc so they are always handy.  I like to do that especially on tournament day when I hang all my "go to" baits right there so I don't have to dig for them. ;)

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