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Flippin & Pitchin

Here is the scenario...

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You are headed out to your local lake tomorrow. You have 1 hour to catch the most fish you can.

What lure are you using?

How are you presenting it?

Where on the lake are you fishing(brushy points, stumps, grass, etc)?

Please give a brief description of the water you are on. I am wondering this because I seem to have trouble getting on fish when I get on the water. It always seems like my plan for the day is changed right after I get out there if I fail to get a bite quickly.

For me...my favorite lake is still about a 3 hour drive away but I am going to hit it right at dawn and find the first cove I can to see if there are shad popping the surface. If they are I am throwing a zara spook in the middle of them and also have a swimming senko on backup. If I don't see any shad then there is one little brushy point that runs from about 5 to 30 feet and I am throwing a C-Rig with a Red Shad 7.5inch worm.

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going for numbers I would start with an xrap thrown to outside weed edges or any structure that would allow really, not working switch to a senko just about anywhere. if I was going for size i would t-rig a 10" worm and work slowly in maybe 10-14 feet of water just outside of a weed edge or drop off.

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