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How do u pick where to go fishing. I live surrounded by waters to fish but its almost a curse I can never pick a spot. When I do pick a spot I feel like maybe its better else where some times I spend more time driving to spots then I do fishing. Ill give a low down of a few of my spots all withing a 15minute drive from eachother. I'm going fishing tomorrow and Tuesday and will be trying to decide where all day when at work.

Back yard pond - 3 acre pond shaped like a doughnut. Not to sure bout depth or species I know bass and carp as iv seen the carp and caught a few bass. We just moved here in feb and haven't gotten to check it out much.

"Middle" section of oak orchard river- this is from lake alice to the dam on glennwood deeper river fairly wide for around here lots of structure. So far this year its gave me a handfull of smallies on my lunch break. The only down side is the current but it should be slower now that the dam on lake alice is fixed and operational.

Glennwood lake- small lake with a dam on one end water falls on the other. Fairly deep lots of bass and toothy pike and walleye. Fishing hotline is reporting good catchs of bass and pike. This year its only gave me 5smallmouth but I don't hit many spots or the best wich is under the falls.

Lake alice- biggest lake on the oak wich is fed by glennwood this year its given me to many bass to count but only on a few days a lot of days I was skunked. Very deep lake with some flats and points I can acceses from the bank. This lake also has some vegitation unlike the others mentioned. There is also a river arm that comes off the side wich is where I went Friday getting 4 bass and a pike this is also where me and j francho fished and I think I caught the same 4 bass and a pike. There is also the inlet for the dam on the far end that has always produced well in the past.

Lake ontario- simply put docks from the banks and tons of marinas and coves

Alabama swamps "upper" oak orchard river- this is the stretch of river and swamps from above the falls on glennwood till idk where haven't rented a kayak. This is normally very weedy and known for big bass and pike. I haven't fished it yet this year.

Thats all of the oak from where it starts at lake ontario all the way up

Then there's johnsons river system which is smaller

Above the falls in lyndonville- deep river channel very weedy on the edges in the wider spots and on the channel its lined with big logs and stumps and brush ranging from 6ft deep to 15 in the channel. So far this year its got me like 10 pike and just as many bass.

Below the falls- shallow rocky river bottom loaded with smb bull head and carp. Nice public spot but not many people fish it for bass actually almost no one iv onle seen 2 other people go for bass here in the last 3 years. Iv got maybe 20 smallies out here this year biggest being 2.5 not the 5s and 6s I got last year but still smallies.

So where would you fish or go about picking spots all are from the bank but above the falls in lyndonville I have a canoe I can use in that spot my buddy let's me borrow

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I ended up going above the falls in lyndonville it was a good choice bass everywhere don't think we caught one under 2lbs they wanted it slow wacky senkos in the timber were our ticket with a few nailing rage bama craws trigged slowly draged over the farthest branch. They ignored the craw in the thick stuff but if pitched to the farthest branch in the water like one lone branch they would nail it and hard to . Think a few might of been pike because id break off or id bring a clawless holy craw back waded up on the hook

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